knew her since she was a baby back in Jamaica.I heard she was killed at her friend’s house.2 persons held…Run the story met.London ppl must know what gwwan.

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0 thoughts on “15 YEAR OLD KILLED IN LONDON

    1. No @ True Forbes, but I’m sure she was attacked by people she knew who she “thought” were her friends, which is what I meant by my comments

  1. It’s so sad, imagine she leave home and tell her parents she going out with friends. then one of them kill her. The way some of these teenagers carry on these days they really feel they are above the law. Do they know there is only one GANG ON ROAD AND THIS SAME GANG CAN KILL YOU AND GET AWAY WITH IT. They wear BLUE. Why do these youths believe that they own ENDS. Only one person own ends round here and fi har name is QUEEN ELISABETH. So all dem mothers and fathers who have teenagers who feel say dem run di area weh dem live make dem know say only one person own ends inna England

    1. Tell them. England leaves a person in no doubt that not even the white people them who are NOT aristocracy run nuttin! In England, You learn, earn and return (if you have anywhere to go back to), or you shift off if you born here. Class system run EVERYTHING! RIP.

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