A 15-year-old female, who reportedly wanted out of a relationship with a man, is among three children who were shot and injured at the intersection of North and Church streets, in downtown Kingston, yesterday evening.
She, along with a 15-year-old male, and a seven-year-old female were rushed to hospital following the incident, which happened around 7:20 p.m.
A source close to the investigation revealed that the 15-year-old female, who is from a prominent all-girls high school in the Corporate Area, was involved with a man from West Kingston, but wanted to end the relationship.
She was reportedly trailed by her lover, who had access to a firearm and shot her. The 15-year-old male, who is believed to be the accomplice of the shooter, was also shot and injured.
The Corporate Communications Unit, the communications arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, confirmed that a shooting involving three children had occurred. Up to press time last night, the police were still collecting statements.

0 thoughts on “15 YO SHOT BY HER EXLOVER

  1. Big stinking news reporters STOP making up stuff. The 15 yr old male wasn’t no accomplice…he was a love interest as well…LOVE TRIANGLE The only odd factor is the 7 year old sister, of the 15 yr old girl.
    15 yr old fi a study har book she a tek gunman, when she find out and ready fi return to being a 15 yr old it turn into this news story.
    TVJ! stop mek up story to bout drive-by! This is no gang issue either.

  2. Dem need to pass the law for consent to 18 or 19. Last week the 35 y/o man allegedly kill the 17 y/o girl a Ochie who left her mothers house at 16 to go live with the man. When her mother informed the police all he could tell her was the age of consent. All this shit is statutory rape. They need to put a stop to this pratice. What kind of consent can a 15 y/o give? Dem need to put these pedophile away prying on people innocent gal pickney dem.

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