She is only 16 years old
Who really let her out
Who really let her into palais royal
Need some investigations please
Where are her parents

12 thoughts on “16 YEAR OLD INA PALAIS ROYAL??

  1. Amber start stripping in stripclubs when she was 15 years old and now she is rich and famous, leave the girl let har hustle and mek har money some of you too judgemental and close minded.

    1. Out of a million how much get lucky like Amber?She is most likely end up having six children and selling pussy for the rest of her life.I pray that you do not have any children with that dumb thinking.

  2. From them pass the age of consent them go everywhere and be doing everything.

    Age of consent need to raise to 18 like everything else. You can’t drink, drive, vote, or work legally till you 18. But you can get inna strip club, sex and breed at 16!

  3. Raising the age of consent will not solve anything, we need to start properly parenting our children and I mean both parents.

    Once the proper example is set, the child will follow.

    1. Oh stop it, nuff a dem cone from good home and a di worst when dem parents back turned. Yuh think seh just cause a parent raise dem child good society Nuh help dem f**k up. When they go school they interact with ppl, taking the bus, going to a shop, the music, the clothes, the shows, nuff Disney show have children bout dem having boyfriend and a kiss and getting jealous, u can’t always blame the parents

  4. @Mr Big Man
    You sir just made the comment of the day and it’s still early, but I doubt anyone is going to say anything nearly as profound as what you just wrote.
    Whether you raise the age of consent to 90 years old, you will still have skettels in the place. if the young girls doesn’t have positive role models to show her the right and wrong way in life she is doomed.
    Too many Jamaicans are too shallow, licky-licky, self absorbed and morally bankrupt so those negative personality attributes will filter down to the children easily and thus having 16 year old dancing go-go in palaise royale. The anything goes mentaility aka “everything irie mon” that the Jamaican tourist board promotes is causing the bastardization of Jamaica which is effecting early childhood development amongst many other social issues. Teach young girls to be ambitious while maintaining their dignity and you will be shocked what they will and not do for the all mighty dollar. Let’s raise women and not future Trollops.

    1. Wtf are you talking about. No problem mon don’t have shit to do with this. The age of consent is too f**g young. You can f**k n breed but can’t drink drive or vote. That make sense to you. The ole big pervert f***s who implement that only do it fi one reason to f**k off the little gall pikney dem and get away with f***g rape

  5. @Lol
    My post is clearly too sophisticated for your comprehension so the essence of my point I will rephrase it in a different scenerio so you can understand it.

    If you spray perfume/cologne on shyt, is it still not shyt? Yes! Does it take care of the smell problem permanently? No! Why? Because you’ve not expunged the root cause of the bad smell, just doctored the face issue for a time period.

    Raising the age of consent is not going to stop 16 year olds from phucking and if laws deterred behavior efficiently then there would be laws for every single bad behavior and society would reach a level Utopia, which it hasn’t.

    If you don’t stigmatize the whore mentaility that is very hackneyed amongst females in Jamaica young and old, then raising the age of consent to 18 will be futile… Attack the root cause for bad behavior and it’s not the age of the individual but the mindset.

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