An 18-year-old Brooklyn woman returning with her sister from a trip to Jamaica has been identified as the mother of the premature newborn found dead inside an airplane toilet at LaGuardia Airport — and could have been the victim of a botched abortion in the Caribbean, officials said.

The teen, who checked in to Kings County Hospital after giving birth, claimed she never knew she was pregnant when she rushed into the bathroom of an American Airlines plane after it landed at the Queens airport about 10:45 p.m. Monday.

“She pulled the baby out and put it in the toilet and covered it with paper,” a law enforcement source said.

The woman told investigators she hadn’t been feeling well for days but showed little emotion, the source said.

“It was like talking to a stone wall,” the source said.

A cleaning crew for Airway Cleaners found the baby’s body in a middle bathroom as the plane sat outside an American Airlines airplane hanger about 6 a.m. Tuesday. The baby appeared to have been born three months prematurely.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the baby’s death could be the result of a “botched abortion” in Jamaica, law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case said. The teen had visited a clinic in the Caribbean nation before flying back to the U.S.

No charges have been filed against the teen as investigators await autopsy results which will show if the baby was born alive or dead.

Sources said the teen, her sister, and other relatives had flown from Jamaica to Charlotte, N.C., to make a connecting flight to New York.

Members of the flight crew noticed that the teen was not feeling well and that she had rushed to the bathroom as most of the passengers were disembarking.

After the baby was later found, the flight crew told investigators about the sick passenger, who was identified by her seating assignment.

Port Authority detectives located her at Kings County Hospital late Tuesday afternoon.

The investigation remains open until the autopsy is concluded, officials said.


  1. This case is no rocket science…

    Settled… she had no clue she was pregnant… she is not the 1st and last person to give birth without knowing they were initially pregnant. Ok, no judgement here….

    So when she gave birth in the bathroom of the airplane…. it didn’t occur to her to get medical help for obvious reasons??

    My theory is this young lady knew she was pregnant and didnt want her family and anyone else to know about it…

    How cruel and thoughtless….. so many places to leave unwanted children (airplane toilet is NOT one of them). No excuse….

  2. These kids are soooooo busy having fun and doing all these things that they forget to protect themselves…..

    Sex Education
    Birth Control

    why do i sense the cousin traveling with her knew about this pregnancy?

    Shes lucky to have survive such ordeal…. even with supervision a lot a women loose their lives during child’s birth…

  3. If you need to abort a pregnancy why on earth you going to wait until the pregnancy so advanced at six whole months or more? Heartbeat set een, brain eyes and everything form up. Not to mention you are chemically and spiritually bonding with the child at that stage cause the child is feeding off your spirit because it cannot breathe yet. See dem seh talking to her was like talking to a wall, she will be fckd up in the head for a long ass time, maybe her entire life.

    Back in the day mothers used to take their teen daughters down to the clinic and get dem on the birth control from dem know dem start or have an intention to start, so dat not happening again? betta dem did get her protected than have this disgrace pon dem. No point pretending or playing over religious if you know your daughter out there having sex, better to face the situation and deal with it practically by getting her on birth control and also pushing condoms and spermicide to be used in conjunction with the pill or whatever other means she will use for herself. Also, don’t these girls know of the morning after pill?

  4. This reminds me of a young lady I went by high school with. She knew she was pregnant and the girl bought waist trainers and made her nursing school uniform tight and pulled the belt so tight. She gave birth and the baby died. Day after she gave birth she walked out the hospital like nothing. NOW she is in New York and has a son talking bout my firstborn SMH

  5. She knew but to give birth and walk off that plane as if nothing happened is cold hearted. My ass would’ve panicked especially at that age. Her cousin cold too because she knew exactly what was happening to that little girl. She was prepared with pads for the bleeding because airplane bathroom just never have enough of anything.

  6. “claimed she never knew she was pregnant” Yeah right *eye roll emoji right hur*. When I think how many pregnancy signs I went through in the 1st 3 weeks after my period was due & didn’t come, even if I had an irregular period which many of them like to claim, or no morning sickness at all which was my case, I could not NOT know because there were so many other signs. So I don’t believe this for a second. My friend have a big ole gray front sister who was on her 3rd child still trying to get us to believe she didn’t know about the 3rd, having us hustling to buy baby things for her while she was giving birth (still ignorant fi she).

    How do I know this girl KNEW she was pregnant? I can’t imagine a woman, young or older, who didn’t know they were pregnant, going to the bathroom, releasing a baby into the toilet & then concealing it with paper in the hopes of it not being discovered & just leaving that baby without trying to get some kind of help even if not for the baby, for herself, out of nothing but sheer fright. She knew!

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