Names Of 19 Men Believed To Be Planning Attacks In Spanish Town Released

The St Catherine Police have released the names of 19 men who they believe are planning major attacks on communities in the Spanish Town area.

This development comes a week after gunmen kicked down the doors to two homes on March Pen Road, in the Spanish Town area, and executed five persons, including three children, before setting fire to both houses.

Among the persons listed are Tesha Miller, the man police investigators believe is the leader of the Clansman Gang, and Andre Bryan, the St Catherine man who spent eight years in prison before he was acquitted two weeks ago of killing former chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company Douglas Chambers.

The St Catherine North Police say the men should report to the Spanish Town Police Station by midday tomorrow.

In a statement released yesterday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said intelligence suggests that the men are the main violence producers in the parish and behind the recent upsurge in violence.

However, CCU says the police will maintain a heightened presence in the Spanish Town area and is urging residents to be observant and report any suspicious activity.

The men are:
 Tesha Miller of Dela Vega City and New Harbour Village.

 Tyree Hall, otherwise called ‘Rue’, of Quarry Hill and Lakes Pen.

 Damar Williams otherwise called ‘Kye Kye’, of Dela Vega City.

 Kemoy Cummings otherwise called ‘Night and Day’, of Spanish Town and Reids Pen.

 Jason Bryan otherwise called ‘Base Nose’, of New Nursery.

 Myron Hawkins otherwise called ‘Ice’, of Bog Walk.

 Lamar Rowe otherwise called ‘Piggy’, of Lime Tree Lane.

 Travis Codner of Dela Vega City, Spanish Town.

 Wayne Hobbs, otherwise called ‘Wenti’, of March Pen Road, Spanish Town.

 Jermaine Blake otherwise called ‘Swellie’, of Dallas Lane, Spanish Town.

 Andre Bryan otherwise called ‘Blackman’, of Jones Avenue, Spanish Town.

 Omar Honeyghan otherwise called ‘Dice’, March Pen Road, Spanish Town.

 Damion otherwise called ‘Violence’, of Top Banks.

 Kevaugh Green otherwise called ‘Kevan’, of Jones Avenue, Spanish Town.

 Kalipher Williams otherwise called ‘Barber’, of Railway Premises.

 Jason Findley otherwise called ‘Hot Mackerel’, of Jones Avenue.

 Jason Curveigle otherwise called ‘Sill’, of Kitson Town.

 A man known only as ‘Biggs’, of Rio Cobre Drive, Spanish Town.

 Clive Reynolds otherwise called ‘Bruck- Hand’, of Rivoli, Spanish Town.

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