The Reid Report, reports that Jamaica has the highest number of Caribbean immigrants in the U.S. The report comes in wake of President Obama’s move to give illegal immigrants legal status in the United States…

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      1. cuz them come in illegalv at a higher rate by boats via Florida…them just underground s…so its harder to estimate their #

  1. Unless them mean BLACK Caribbean…cuz I’M SURE there are more ppl from Cuba & the Dominican Republic in the states

  2. that poll is not accurate, there are more haitins in the us than jamaicans., also they left out cuba., they are apart of the caribbean too

  3. Over 90 percent of Caribbean immigrants were from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.
    In 2009, the vast majority of Caribbean immigrants were from Cuba (28.6 percent), the Dominican Republic (22.9 percent), Jamaica (18.8 percent), Haiti (15.5 percent), and Trinidad and Tobago (6.4 percent).
    google dat met

    1. That’s not accurate. You must keep in mind that the census isn’t exact and illegals don’t participate in census or any fact finding data collected.
      Cubans being immigrants, lol. More like illegal migrants and refugees in one.

  4. I don’t understand WHY the U.S Virgin Island Is on this list,,, From what I know the The United States Virgin Islands (U.S.V.I.) also called the American Virgin Islands), U.S. Took Ownership of the Virgin Islands
    March 31, 1917. If you are Born in the U.S Virgin Islands then you are a U.S. Citizen…
    I don’t get it !?!

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