Sellers who were winners for 2016

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16 thoughts on “2016 SELLERS WHO WERE WINNERS

  1. Not Kasi, maybe next year. Kasi, I want to see you make it on the wall next year for all the right reasons. I want to see you step up and stop play wid Bolt and get a business, House, land, etc. No car, because that is common assault, set up yuhself that you can buy your own car.

  2. Can someone please fill me in on why tiffanyktw up there on the list. Is she there for selling hair or front?I read this blog daily and never see her up yet. So why she considered a seller.. and also I see my girl javana has made her return back to intsagram

  3. Javanna nah win a thing! Javana stop f*** vicky babyfather, javana u go a di people dem yard & u eye get reddd offa di livity weh u see, u & vicky a friend javana! Javana u nah stop f*** yuh frenn dem man? Javana a because nobody nuh give u a good beaten yet. Javana stop hide & f*** Gary British! Memba seh every one a uno him f*** him talk it back to all a him fren dem. Javana stop before it too late, girl guh wukkkk & stop f***. Gyal u ole nuh tired?

    1. nah Star Barbie a escort she not winning

      i dont see no business (backpage does not count) , real estate , vehicles , etc

    1. yes PARIS winning

      got married to white doctor

      moved , filed for her child

      has job and hair wig business

      she made her front work for her

      big up PARIS !!

  4. Seems like Tiffany new man Bigmic loves sellers, FlawlessTammy also used to sell leave St Mary and come town working in massage salon uptown. She is smart and humble though.

  5. Seem like Tiffany new man Bigmic loves sellers, Flawless Tammy was also a seller leave St Mary and was selling too at massage salon. She have sense though, as for Garry Brithsh is the first man I see with money who tells lies on gal front ( not saying he is in Jav case) but for a top man nuff lie him tell on gal front.

  6. Whelp atleast the one Shereece rubbed elbows with a billionaire and by some accounts is well taken care of in comparison to the rest. If this gyal dry yiy one more time doe…

    .@ Met…how Kasi reach pon dis list doe….a she say Bora Bora a she say Range and most importantly a she say future guaranteed…please remove Mrs.Bolt from the list :nerd

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