7 thoughts on “WEAR YUH SIZE MISS

  1. She always a squeeze up har nasty Ill shaped body inna di medium dem. You are a 2x the least gweh yuh fuck out

  2. Omfg this nuh look felesha always stay bad no matter what tf she wear. Why this big fat bitch don’t wear her size look how she squeeze up my god, she swear she look good. Everyday pon Instagram a look knowings from troyboy poor thing, bitch you don’t get it by now troyboy don’t want you, he only using you for thieving clothes and yuh money because yuh walk and thief clothes and sell. Him chat you everyday with ppl out a road jus like how you chat him too, troyboy only love his babymother the whole world know that, even though she move on living her life him still nah leave her alone. He tells his babymother you always worried abt her wanna know if he talking to her on phone, bitch he always gonna talk to her and drive go see her and spend time with her and his daughter that’s his little family, which he will never tell you, smh. the baby mom got so much things she could prove and make your dumbass look bad but she don’t have time to worried abt you because she see that your illiterate So she is unbothered. You want Troy hate his daughter and him love that little girl gone to bed, he stay spending time with his baby mom and daughter out a state. The baby mother in her good job, work and not in the mix or mix up like you big stay bad bitch. Yuh babyfather face get another gal pregnant and feds have him looking to send him back to Jamaica, he was out fucking you and Troy hear and still neva a pay yuh no mind lol. A 2019 now stop mine man cause along time yah mine man, all this hype and yuh fold up like chair, yuh mix up like and loud.

  3. OMG lol so you mean to tell me she don’t see all the meat squeezing out her sports bra?…Dwl Mi can’t stop laugh what wrong with some of these female smh

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