Yung green gyal at the age of 24 and going her 4th child . Claim to say a me man breed her but me man say him nuh know her , which part a she can be my mate , she look like them bang belly goat watch the shoes pon her foot . Me get fi understand say she live beside the cash pot shop in a big lane central village who nuh f**k her a who nuh want her, stop call up me man name in a you mouth .she not even know the first three baby daddy
She look like the Haitian them. Me man say a you see him and a beg him 100 and the likkle time him stop a talk to you a call him name
A wah dat she have on return of the dead💀💀part2 dwl, gyal you cah chat to me, you want two a me MK slippers and two a me wig them, you look ms ET👽👽
Lol my mate doh. The time you talk bout a me man breed you , you fi go look bout the 3 pikney and go clean up you dutty self peel head John crow me man say you head favor sencia fowl 🐤🐤 see likkle corn🌽🌽you go nyam it


52 thoughts on “24 AND DEH PAN NUMBA FOUR

  1. Oh please!! If your man didn’t go there she wouldn’t have called his name. And as a woman you already know that. Unu love teck up fi unu man too much. Some man would f**uck anything that wear a skirt, then denied it when they get caught.

  2. Rass mi that gal yah!she use to live Clarendon breed two time fi a youth name mickel.mi wonder if she mek the bwoy breed her again unno nw clinic weh give free injection deh. Mi wonder if a the bwoy wife put her up.lol!!

  3. Rass mi knw who put up dis yuh dem ppl yah is gal frm larendon unn stop leave the girl unno dnfrmunnounnow the girl babyfada!is nt mickel the girl move on with her life.

  4. Her face extra tough to be 24. Hard life a beat her bad! Anyways sender, your man probably smashed… even if he is not the father (wait on the paternity test) he was probably knee deep in that punnanny because too often we have seen that men have no qualms about distributing the koki. Ms. Pregnant lady, please ask the healthy size lady in the black frock to cook for you because you are carrying life and you need some more nutrients ma’am. Pack on some pounds on those bones, you are pregnant. Eat up the cornmeal porridge and some fresh fruits and lots of water.

  5. Mi si when dem do it dem fi stop man all one yuh fren did deh there give dem info where u live nw!.them tek dwn pic off ur cousin profile dutty Clarendon ppl suh dem stay.and make up story.

  6. Rassman, a true you know the gyal cause you wudna a pick up fi her suh me come from sandy bay and right now she tell me brother say a him breed her and she say a two pikney she have we all a plan baby shower cause a brother first child and right now look at this

  7. Lurker me like how you sound the gyal deh far from her kitchen.them nuh fi have mate and a wear them shoes deh lol we nah pick up fi the man dem up she fi Have ambition

  8. Wtf sender stop cussing the woman . And go cuss u dutty man lol she could never be your mate ???? Really woman like all u dam fool fool u see u can never take up for a man dam ediot

  9. No honeyber but see deh now is a different girl comment and say she say her brother breed her we know say the man them nuh good yes but as far as how me read her tory it look like every belly she catch a the same damn thing, my girl a better you gwaan down a ranny williams center and wait till your bingo seed call

  10. What is so interesting on what the sender had to say is that this young lady pregnant again and already have a few kids and she might know or don’t know who is the child father but what we do know for certain that your man hit that more than one time, so stop call out the girl to put her down because your man go have sex with this girl without protection, you need to go check yourself because I’m sure she’s not the 1st one nor the last he has sex behind your back… These women just makes me laugh when they start with putting the other women down and going in so hard on her while all along your so call man is nasty… Check your man girl, check him…

  11. My girl if you nuh learn ntn in a live always knw say you nuh fi take picture with ppl weh look better than you,you make the three girl them look bad you favor preditor lol

  12. MK slippers dash weh a town so nuh come wid dat. How unuh can take up fi man so? U not even try find out if the woman story match up, u just believe the man when everybody know say man a wicked and liard. Continue same way, him soon carry home some disease come give u that he can’t lie his way out of. Bun mi fi di eediat gal dem weh love swear fi dem wandering Jew cocky man essi. All when the truth inna dem yeye a blind them them still nuh believe. Why u never send in fi yuh picture since u look so much better than the girl? Can bet say u is some fat, synthetic wig wearing, tough foot, crack up heel back bitch!

  13. Smdh,I’m not the type of person to put down another woman but as is see there is more than one man name call is not the man to be blame at this time bcuz she is the one that going around and having unprotected sex, all she do is just do a DNA and don’t let it happen the fifth time

  14. Anonymous, how it bun you suh much you n her muss a same thing, you cud all have 6 pikney to n nuh wah who the fada

  15. The ppl them a Clarendon hate this gal yah shi gwaan shi cute f**a ugly wonder where it kotch nw!!!

  16. @too cute bitch I have no children yet. There are still people in this world who plan for kids instead of having them by the dozens when them haffi a take bus and still a kotch a people yaad. When I do have kids it will be for and with the man who I got married to 4 months ago, u on the other hand still can’t get a piece a chicken wire round your finger from any of the 6 man dem weh a dig out yuh belly regularly.

  17. And too cute, we all know u sent in the story, u were the first to comment on the story, twice actually, and as soon as anyone say anything in the young lady’s defence is you that down them throat. Spend less time on JMG and more time deep throating your man’s dick and then maybe, just maybe,you won’t be having this problem.

  18. Tek down dis f**k fashion police ago lock up yuh my girl weh u guh inna this pointed mouth boot betta u did wear piece a cloth on ur foot cause dat want dash weh inna nearest garbage pan!Stand up beside nice look ppl me!!! Which party dis she guh with breed belly it look like shi have worms!!

  19. Noooo!! The girl move from Clarendon the first one mi nuh knw him but next two mickel dem every day dem on ur name smh!come dwn yah cum dne dem all yuh cousin she show ur pic on ann marie profile.f***g germs dem!! A same set girl dem weh neva like si u and babyfada and true mi nuh want call nuh name!!!

  20. Bombo! lend mi the bingo bag mek mi call out a seed!! Mi sweat!! Girls unno need fi stop breed up! Smh!

  21. Anonymous it doesn’t matter who send this, is either yu leave a comment or yu leave the f**k out a her since yu sorry for her send baby clothes from new York come give her.anonymous me know yu, yu a gwaan like a you alone fi put up ppl on pinkwall we nuh wah know if a man r is a gyol yu married to , yes we know you married fi get the greencard, toocute nah answer you good nuh make me affi dig up you file the topic is not about you right now how you fi have pikney when is a gyol a f**k you look yaa nuh man have a good day

  22. One thing mi would like fi knw this girl inna the white dress she on the man weh deh on oats box two first cousin dem look like bad!! Foska yuh family inna problem she need help!!!

  23. Me nuh know what happen to dah country gyol deh weh name anonymous how suckings cum in a this ediot me nuh have time fi you see someboby else a tek yu on deh yu meet you match sadamite anonymous from may pen

  24. Me meet my match Bitches? Whore go cuss someone inna yuh tax bracket u bums. @too cute and tight pum pum, u stupid dumb Bitches, I live in jamaica u ghetto country scrubs, u think a foreign alone people can live good life? Green card my ass, my husband and I have been together for over 7 years, all love here Chica. U a tell mi fi breed and mi done tell u say anuh everybody ready to push out pickney like dem a empty glock, we want to work on our careers and enjoy married life first Naah mean? No u don’t cause the only thing man a give u dog looking bitches is the cum weh him leff in a Yuh pussy and a strong dose a herpes cause see too cute man a bun har deh till she haffi tek it to Pink wall. If unuh did a put so much effort into getting a goddamn job or going back to school unuh wudda rich nuh raaasss, u a cuss gal fi man yuh dumb fcuk. U ask how suckings come in, make me tell u since comprehension wasnt your strong suit at all age school: suck yuh man dick more often cause yuh pum pum well stretch from not doing any Kegels after having all dem kids, and maybe him will stop stray go look odder tighter, cleaner, nicer and more frequently washed vagina. Gwaan go sleep now cause I know u gotta be up at 3 fi reach a clinic wid di baby before six.

  25. I don’t know this girl but damn.Woman can be so evil and tear each other down.She wearing what she have maybe living within her means.it takes 2 to make a baby and if cocky never go down in her there would be no belly.Different strokes for different folks.Maybe something about her why sender man put his cock in her.Even if ahe have 10 pickney and dont know the daddys its not your problem.Since you so sure your man is not the father why don’t you pay for the paternity test then so you will have 100% proof that you not the stepmother.Mouth make to say anything.
    Get a life and deal with your man and his wandering cock.

  26. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak SEH YOUR MAN DONT KNOW HAR???? If I laugh I shit right up dis evening :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Continue singing dat same chune because my rassssclaat, you doan need fi mek nobody know seh dat girl deh is your matey…send een your photo mek we do a comparison and send een cayliss cock picture to because things cant be so bad….Your man cocky waan nail dung pon him leg. Boil potato bud gi him because my rasssssssssssssssss……


  27. You are all so disgusting! U can tell a lot about a woman by the words that come out of their mouth when they are critizing a next woman downfall. If the young lady needs help she needs help don’t laugh at her situation u might not be in it but I can tell u, u very well might be related or a friend of someone who is in a similar situation. This lady failure might be her success tomorrow , her children might be your children’s boss or ur doctor in the future. If the man don’t want to own up to his responsibility that’s ok, God will be the child father. The woman who is cussing this woman bare in mind that your man is a dog n dogs cannot be tame so u need to stop making a ass of urself.

  28. Yuh f**k a yuh!!! Mi want catch u round likkle lane fi mash u up mix up gal yuh meet yuh rass match!

  29. dwl….rєѕhєík thє gчσl nαmє ѕhє f** líkє dσg αll zíσn lαnє ѕhє cum ѕєll puѕѕч,f**k σut thє whσlє α líttlє lαnє hєr fσσt thєm fínє líkє ѕhє hαvє ѕugα ѕhє nuh tíєd α dαh α whítє вσσt dєh, єvєrчвσdч mαn ѕhє вєg

  30. fσσd hєαd вíg puѕѕч dαughtєr frσm pαlmѕ crσѕѕ clαrєndσn ѕhє tєk αll hєr cσuѕín mαn tσ

  31. Big lane gal alone shi can hot fah shi tell mi seh bedim man her cousin use to deh how the man nuh want her and show mi unncumctures weh unnounnounnor neva look good go to latty mada funeral and talk seh u and ur fren neva look gud talk about seh gurl inna the pic with yuh shi nyam out her man shop!! Mix up gal thats all shi good fah talk seh latty her family neva look a them own mother funeral!!! Whole things shi chat unno seh about the lady weh usto sell crab out road her house dutty her mouth wata

  32. Ppl ppl that she tell mi dnt know if true r lie shi tell shi tell seh latty mada niece kill her fi old house shi seh uncle tell her suh and tell seh latty niece love bus man just like mother!! Mix up gal

  33. Alot thingS she tel mi neva mi abou BIG lane mi nuh knw nuh thing about u guys mi knw bedim and latty frm school dayz mi dnt knw dem as a mix up!!! That shi SEH true mi memba the rest of the name weh shi call!!!

  34. ѕugα α whσ nαmє lαttч thíѕ ѕtσrч ѕσund líkє α flєѕhч ѕhє α tαlk dαh gчαl чu wαh wє líck ín α hєr fαcє ….flєѕhч whєrє r u , чu nєєdєd σn píckwαll ѕhє α cαll ѕíѕ n níєcє nαmє pσn d cσrnєr

  35. Dutty Rosheick yhu secret buss now you walk an mek trouble like me an u as bestfren frm skl days u nuh memba weh yhu did do me yhu mek me cry hole day an night eehee yhu all tek me man a wah day me see yhu mada an me an har did a tlk she seh a pay mix up yhu Ina a she wish u never born an she ask me fi me an u still a fren me tell her no we did vex over me man weh she tek an u mada seh a suh u stay love tek ppl man u mada even did a cry cya she seh u an ur sista them nuh live good an ur family cause u chat everybody she nuh knw how u nuh dead yet cause u mmix up all bout ur mada shame a u girl u need to stop the ppl them need to know all of this…. You even did a talk to me big brother an him did all give u lunch money because u seh ur fada never like u… Me nah go be the one fi talk all the things weh u tell me… Me glad somebody else busss.. Goodbye for now a hope u learn ur lesson…

  36. My girl a so much ppl a dun u all ur mada no man me a read all the comments them an me a wonder if a lie the ppl them a tell but this look real cause from mother an father get in dis it real fr… But any gyol trouble wid them mouth always trouble wid them whole girl seek help r go to God cause this cya real tpc….

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