A twenty-five-year-old woman named Shanice Bernard of Church Lane, Salt Spring in St. James; and Westmoreland, is suspected to have died by suicide at her home in the volatile community on Monday, June 11.

Reports from the Montego Hills Police are that about 6:45 p.m., relatives stumbled upon Bernard’s body and alerted them.

On their arrival, it was seen hanging from the roof a bedroom by a piece of cord which was tied around the neck.

The scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue.

9 thoughts on “25YO WOMAN COMMIT SUICIDE

  1. Jah know star… more time a just somebody we need fi talk tuh, oh gosh. Sad eeh man… A wanda wah couldana a gwan.

  2. Women usually don’t commit suicide so violently which tells me that she was at a point of no return. This is so awful. No judgement from me.

  3. The Jamaican police slick bad. They will be laying charges every week until the bail is over 500 million and she cannot post bail. Why not wait until all the charges can be done all at once?

  4. Anonymous 5:42 renking shit house! This human being is now deceased , weh u heart deh? Ma tell u bout unu kmt.

  5. don’t pay anonymous no mind. Clearly, he or she was molested as a child. This is someone’s child, friend family member. OMG so sad. I pray is not a relationship that went sour. All I can say is condolences. MY GOODNESS maybe the poor thing had no one to talk to

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