I wonder what 2gran and poca have…. He is always putting her up and taking her down. Poca needs to stop telling ppl she only sleeps with man who can buy her things. Itdnt look good. I hope she deals with her patients with as much enthusiasm as she does when she see the video light!

0 thoughts on “2GRAN YUH A GET A PIECE?

    1. a four year it tek fi u tun rn and rpn a two year ….support worker tek 1 yr….she inna di field but shi not in di house

    1. 2gran nothing u shoulda tek out is the girl dem beat har and she wait till she go ja fi go pan video with har heavy tongue..No other farina never waa video?


  2. Just watch the video 2 gran, she a nurse? She stay very bad doe, and that hair color has to go, and she say she have money,

  3. Nurses that I know have some sort of decorum about themselves and stay away from certain elements and carry themselves ah certain way..this chick got ah mouth full of gold teeth like that shit is even remotely cute….she’s really ah nurse????????????????????? :bingung :bingung

  4. Smh smh smh she don’t Mek IT. Betta she just talk English and done. Poca why yu don’t say psw and stop talk bout nurse. SORRY TO POP YOUR BUBBLE BUT YOU NUH STAY GOOD! You ARE ONE OF TORONTO’S WOOOORST DRESSED FEMALES!!!!! what a way yu have money and nuh stop done aliexpress clothes lol di way yu hype yu nuffi ina nutten less than name brand. Bruk gyal like mi hotta than yu pica f**k Outta here. All yu fren dem know yu can’t dress. You’re whack and ugly..mooooove.

  5. Poca yu nuh see alla di girl dem a Ja hotta than yu ??? All Mpress dem a WICKED!!!! My “fren” couldn’t go out wid mi n stay like you man face poca. Bwoy di dancehall ppl dem confidence deh pon a next level and mi wah reach deh GOD KNOW…cos talk truth look at this girl and how she full a chat :S humble yu self ugly

  6. She never did a f**k Shelly belly too and it look like him drop it like hot bread, which part a him a boss…lol, plus if I remember correctly, couple years a back, she was at a dance a talk up inna camera seh she a goodaz and bout da farrin girls dem fi stop come a Jamaica come mind and f**k these dancer boys and a said ting she end up come do years later… real claffy

  7. Ok lets stop this now poca. U dont only f**k bosses stop trick yuself. Yu from yah bout 13 yah get battery from Scarborough side man dem. Yu f**k almost every dance crew man in Toronto back in the days. You dont know who ur baby father is.u got pregnant while u were sleeping with ding dong n ur not sure if he’s the father. The man yu gi yu pickney to nu look pan the yute. Yu use to f**k shelly belly n yu couldnt tek the begging nu more cause yu did haffi mine him n him family. Yu change yu man dem more than the 4 seasons wi have. Yu deh wid the ppl dem man up yah n a hype up ova him a road an cya call him name or post him pic. Yu sad bad. Yu walk n chat mikey say him n jason a batty man. Ur not a good person. Im not sure since when yu get so bad. Whe yu fina put down yah tek up at age 29

  8. The hate for this girl is so real and majority of the people who are on here talking no ave job. Cora no ave job… Sorry Cora Neva ace job and the whole ah are friend den a bloodclaut teef . Dutty Cora weh yuh NUH talk bout the cousin who f**k your baby father lol the whole ah unno name NUH good again bout unno a worry bout poca unno fi look bloodclaut work . Cora Bredda deh ah jail and Inform Pon di whole a Jane and finch why dem NUH talk bout dat … Stop call people snitch when yuh Bredda cyan come back a toronto girl

    1. Don’t f**kin chat weh you nuh know Cora’s brother is dead and bury and you don’t know them or nothing about them you clearly a talk weh you nuh know f**kin dumb bitch move yuh bombo you mussi a suck poca fi a try defend that monkey face gyal

  9. Dis likkle black bitch need fi go sid dung poca a ol’ ghetto mattrass from 19 how long and a come gwan like she a smaddy kmttttt from u see har family dem hate har u knw seh she a bitch dis bitch got crushed and run gone a ja gone mek video like she bad…who love police like poca kmtt ghetto mattrass go whole a corner washed up hoe and stop mek toronto girls look like fool a ja

  10. The hate isn’t raeal anonymous nothing said in these comments are false about poca. I’m pretty sure its one of pocas friends commenting on this. End of the day everyone in Toronto knows poca a worn out mattress and who nu f**k it refuse it. Shi sad I wouldnt consider the man buying the x5 for u if he used you as a mule to bring things into the country. Furthermore what kinda man put his girl in such a risky position? Ok since u cant call his name let me call it for u. Angel nu want yu. So if cora dem a thief n poca not in dem class why is she taking the same man as cora then? She pars with mikey n jason and everybody know say dem a big thief

  11. Poca sisters dem hate her cause she Eva a f**k off the sister dem man poca u f**k Yuh sister man mark and Yuh sister did a f**k boss before u start f**k him ur a duty bloodclat gal mi hear seh a she a call ploice pon the one name boss cause him don’t wan stay with her poca a look police company true she call police pon boss babymother Cora the same girl weh buss her ass sad story

  12. Pock ah think its ah little too late for u to send request to 2gran to take down the video with u admitting to slashing Cora’s tires.. The whole world done ave it already..lol.. Who needs original copy?? Lmfao.. And what a way u ave court with the gyal on the 26th of this mth.. Mi rass!! Cora ah guh done yu bloodclatt now.. Bring yu gold mouth come ah court.. Same way u rise ah di same way u shall fall..

  13. always wonder why she f**ky f**ky so never know they ran train on her so sad she need to give the hype life a break and she is so book smart but the streets a beat har and yes all the comment here is tru about 10 a me linky den used to and still can f**k it bz she don’t say no

  14. And for the record Poca is a nurse we both attended the same College at the same time. Who gives a f**k about how much man she f**k and what she did back in the days before she educated herself. Poca your now a nurse and you need to bloodclot behave yourself and stop follow up dutty dancehall people and dem f**kery. Poca needs to realize Cora and dem gyal deh have nothing living for and nothing to lose. Di whole a dem live in housing and don’t f**king WORK. All dem do is f***k and tief. Poca your on video bragging bout you slashed the girls tires, ARE YOU DUMB? when Cora brings di video to di police what do you think is going to happen? Yuh must think before yuh CHAT, Yuh mouth gwan get yuh inna problem. No one is saying you cant go to dance,travel or enjoy yourself when not at work buy yuh haffi remember sey you are a anproffessional now and your f**king with people who will cause yuh fi loose yuh likkle work while dem still deh pon road a teif. Gwan follow up dancehall hype yuh soon deh pon din road a tief food and clothes fi yuh and yuh pitney if yuh lose yuh rass work.

  15. Woy did u people see the fake page on IG poca u stay bad Cora done u I think u should stop it early out and Cora don’t live in housing she love in a house in Malton Cora a young gal bout nothing to live for Cora a 26 poca a 30 she fi grow up Cora have lot to live for she have her cute kids fi live for uno love chat shit Poca have theft charges that’s why she’s on probation at work and Harley have hours at work The bitch makes 11 dollars an hour minimum wage so stop pretty up di ting fi poca her career done before it start

  16. Poca steals just not from the good stores dem don’t let her fool u anything her friend do she follow so she need fi stop gwan like people a f**k with her work cause only person f**kin shit up for poca is poca her self all because she wan ride fi man weh nuh want her

  17. That person trying to ride for poca who love dance hall more then poca that don’t miss a party bout dont follow up dance hall people a she seh nuh miss a dance hall party never see Cora out like mi see poca my family a nurse will be lucky if We see them at Christmas dinner poca Must be a psw clean shit and guh home smelling like shit nuh nurse nuh Carry on sah

  18. In Canada u need university degree to become a nurse..college is for PSW..nurses work 12 hour shifts ..for a nurse she sure does get a lot of time off and vacation time

  19. In canada u have RN which requires university education n u have rpn which is a college diploma. I’m no fan of poca but the girl is a nurse. If poca loose har job its her fault. Pocs have a great job but har lifestyle is a bloodclat thing.shi only a embarrass herself n child. Its sad

  20. Im not picking up for poca but nowhere in canada as a rpn wilk you ever make 11/hr. That is a fact! What i would like to know is what makes cora better than pica? Im sure all the torontonians on here seen cora being exposed before. She is as ghetto as poca. The difference is poca is educated and those who know better should do better.
    How would poca know all of coras biz if it wasnt for the man pillow talking with her? Im sure he was spilling his guts while she was screwing him and vice versa for cora. I say you both should leave this old tired nigga and move on.
    None of u a better than the other.
    And that ig they made of her is childish. At the end of the day what is that doing for your life? #justmyopinion #doneitnow

  21. Cora pussy never been exposed to the world and pretty sure u are nobody can call up any nigga’s name she f**ked ok and cora is way more classy then poca she always with her kids and know one bag a man na run thru it poca a bug the girl so if u dont know nothing dont say nothing who cares if man tell her things she a woman and babyfather less her self so why hype and gwan pon the girl and the girl na pay her know mind she looking a hype off a cora u can tell by this video so everything that happen to her a she and god promblem that looool done gone mad already

  22. Cora had never been put on blast pon this site u dont know what u talking bout this site is for low life people like poca weh a look a hype and it na work u are anyone can call up any man cora f**k other then the man poca a hype over pls poca a hoe she f**k the whole dance hall a canada and jamaica the people dem is tired of her plus she on a hype she the one that start up everything cora not going out of her way to f**k with poca a she a f**k with the girl u know nothing about cora so stop it everyone know poca dutty ways and a pay ppl to put up the video thats why she keeps getting done nobody nuh see dutty poca nobody have nothing to prove to u mother f**kers just looking a hype like poca

  23. It not poca place to talk on anything when it comes to the girl and her yute and who is she to talk her son is father less like and why dose it matter u know poca not cora not everything u hear bout people is true people like u mi fraid a not beacuse people nah walk and talk how they make there money nuh mean seh nothing na gwan some people live a private life everything u do dose not need to be seen are heard

  24. @lol you are cora friend of course you are going to pick up for her. I didnt say poca was right i said they are both wrong. When you see someone you have already beat up and you kno shes looking for a hype why entertain it? That make you and her the same person. Cora is obviously not classy cuz shes going back and forth with someone who she describes as a hoe who f**ked out the dancehall. I may not know everything but from what i am able to see from you all bringing this shit to this so call “website for low lifes” (lol what does that make you that your even in the comments?) It seem like cora is no better than poca. The point i was making was not to scandal cora but to say she has been in the headlines before. But whatever this is for entertainment obviously you feel some type away that i stated the obvious.

  25. If u were taking in watt i said she on probation at work and only make 11 dollar due to her charges she caught while on the job she on a thin line the people dem is watching her thats why she be f**kin and sucking on the side poca stripers like she out and bad her family chat her business her family nuh like her she got nothing on cora never her cora name in a dem mess hear poor girl the most the can say is cora will buss ass

  26. @fixit there is NO WAY she is getting 11 an hr even on probation. Look up employees rights and you will see. Do you really think her union rep would ever go for that? She works for Scarborough General thats not some little work she has. If she is being investigated they could suspend her with pay which still would be the same as if she weee working. They wouldnt dock her shifts. Dnt believe me look at our labour laws. Nurses doctors and police are held at a very high regard.they dnt f**k with them.Its not possible for her to get minimum wage for what she does. Cant and wont happen.

  27. Smh poca caused this on hersrlf. Sho always a hype bout har rpn college diploma n I congratulate her cause that’s a great achievement. On the other hand with ur profession there comes changes in ur lifestyle. Its natural but as for poca its the opposite. She doesn’t represent nothing of a Rpn. She represents ole neaga, butto, stregea, dog shit, johncrow n everything thats not of class.real disgrace she’s digging her own hole. From yu dis someone’s child/ren then anything yu get yu deserve. N anyone whos agrees with pocas behavior a bloodclat germs n johncrow to.

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