1. So he wasn’t making enough money to at least buy his mom’s G-whip cash or pay it off? Janice what did you guys do with the money he was making? And he lives in a rented house with his family :hoax2 Where is all the money from Suicidal? Janice as his Mom you should have made sure some money was left for a rainy day. But then again maybe is the rainy day money dem holding on to and it is not enough to pay car payments. It’s a good thing them don’t own a home, causen sey it would have been foreclosed. Sean you are still young so you can come back. I wish him all the best and I blame his mother for not making sure his money was being managed properly.

  2. Dis is becuz him guh falla di rappers a waste money pon cars, jewelry an strippers….am not surprise I saw dis coming smfh.

  3. He was on a show in ATL the other day with some Jamaican Artist, when I saw the flyer the first thing I thought about was, Hmmmm, Sean Kingston on this show and he is suppose to be a big artist what is he doing on this line up. The struggle is real.

  4. These car companies have fun with these black celebs cause ain’t no sensible person taking out those 3 car on monthly payments no sirrrr is either u buy car or do a 3yr paid in full lease but unnu to fuxxing poppish n don’t know how fi stay pon crooked cut straight kmft

  5. I a sorry for Him, but yeah, people need to see this, not everyday is going to be christmas Save your money for rainy days.

  6. But him nuh just finish building a studio… Look like it tek at least 150 grand fi build & it nice u f**k… & mama kingston nuh just open har catering biznizzz.. So I guess dem have money lock weh..

  7. His
    Mom needs to slow it down with the Gucci , Celine and Ferragamo , if u go on their page is straight frontin .u have to have a plan , they have 3 lawsuits in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for owed rent and destruction of property , the house in Davie Fl was a 3 million $ home , there was extensive damages , he needs to get a money manager and stop his mom from going crazy (Janice) .

  8. I feel sorry for Sean. Janice should have known better. You can’t follow Jay Z and Diddy that’s been in the business almost 3 decades and close to being billionaires. Sean is too young to be broke and 2 hit songs don’t warrant such extravagant lifestyle. The house out by Sawgrass I thought was bought and the condo in Biscayne. Such a freaking waste. They clearly have no money cos there’s no way you would have 3 vehicles repossessed. Idiocy and ignorance. I blame his mother.

  9. Sometimes you have to let things go to prevent more loss. Ihad to let an apartment building go to prevent more loss. how doweknow that he didn’t just say, “to hell wid it i’m not making one more payment”?

  10. look mi know them to. janice fran she did deh wid peteah and shawn fran him bout 10 fron den live a lala we did all buck up innah feds together. dem ah nuh business head ah no 1,2,3. business janice try buss and it nuh go nuh weh.. them is live way way way beyond yuh means type ah poeple i was very happy fe har when shawn rise fi the whole ah dem caw she trying mi naw lie weajther tiefing man or hustling whatever she going fah. but… janice you ole wen shwan buss 40 plus you should of have better sense. lock certain life style and invest shawn hook money… cause reggae rapp dont last. it never has not for too long so.. leson to whos to come no mek dem embarassment yah reach you.

  11. Str88 up mi nuh post pon them thing ya, but here wah every man tek mine a that reach them, imagine man a try and yu stepdad come tek mine.. Mi did pray pon it… Seet deh all cum tumbling dung.

      1. U crazy lol hahahahahaha bout care to share or no meck unnu bad so maiinnnnnnne a feel like say di admin train unnu special lmaooooooooo

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