Three males have been charged in connection with the murder of 41-year-old young Reggae Boyz team doctor Martin Garwood, who was found dead at his Barbican, St Andrew, home on October 26.

The accused were taken into custody on October 29 and charged on November 2.

The police say 18-year-old Ashanti Barrett, otherwise called ‘Ash’, of Kenhill Drive, Kingston 19, and a 17-year-old, who is also of a Kingston 19 address, were both charged with murder; while 21-year-old Chevanne Sterling, otherwise called ‘Chev’, of Braeton, St Catherine, was charged for misprision of a felony.

Their court date will be announced following the committal proceedings, the police say.

Garwood, who also worked at Kingston Public Hospital, was found with multiple stab wounds inside his apartment after his colleagues went in search of him when he didn’t turn up for work.

His colleagues reportedly saw blood when they got to his residence and alerted the police.

The police say investigations are ongoing.


  1. 3 teens committed this murder, what would be the reason for them to do that to this man… Is there reports of anything missing from the home…

  2. Yes things were missing. But more importantly it really grieve mi when we hear say somebody, seemingly..by all accounts dies so violently and the only thing we have to speculate about is how it seem fishy, wha him do. As far as we know him don’t do anything, why can’t that be enough until we hear otherwise ? I just remembering how the doctor lady that works with him at kph say ” all we ever do every day is save and serve murderer, theif and criminal everyday when dem do dem wrong doings and come to hospital for treatment, that’s what we do at kph everyday….and dem kill him like dog.. Now I agree that’s the profession they signed up for, but I just kept thinking they treat people like these murderers all the time, sometimes give them a new life and they murdered him. We need fi do better and not be so desensitized that all we can say is fishy, or Peter thing. Not good enough, a good person, murdered

    1. What I don’t understand is why these older gay men are so attracted to these younger males. The same thing happen to another older Doctor who was murdered in Mandeville sometime last year. He worked at the Black River Hospital and was killed by a much younger gay male, who happens to have killed before and got off that murder charge. Don’t they realize by now that they are being targeted?

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