Can u believe this girl is under age?? Bout 16 or 17? She a f**** lincoln3dot haad n a bayy money she a post pan snap. From u hear hw she chat u kno seh she young. Well a hope she a save all dat cash caaz wen u body bus suh yung by time u reach 25 breast n everyting deh a grung n loose oooo



31 thoughts on “3DOT DEM SEH SHE A NUH 18 YET

  1. Jada no reach 18 and a f**k like dog I hope she put all that money to use for real but look who she gone f**k 3dot lol she affi a suck and duck haad but a fi her style dat she looks good tho no lie I like how she carry herself

    1. I was looking on her IG…..that body is good good good….but if she don’t take care of herself and run her body red….it’s nots gonna be pretty 10 years from now….she also need to find her right shade of foundation and tone it down on the makeup bc she looks 30+

  2. I knw her personally n That’s no waist trainer waist that’s natural…… Her 15 year old sister shapes even better than her it’s a family thing.

  3. She is naturally shaped like that no waist train nothing her parents are Jamaican and Nigerian nd wi all know the African train that waist from the doctor said it’s a girl…as tuh her age etc she looks 21-25

    ( I didnt say she wasn’t under 18 now assholes,i said she looks to be in her 20’s plus Jamaica nuh seh at 16 them legal suh I would mek a sound cuz it would be waste a air plus typing

  4. Plus isn’t she the video vixen in Sean Kingston Music Video – One Away..look to me as if she is a model as well

  5. Yes Simply, she is the one in Sean Kingston’s video (blonde or platinum hair) People are asking if it’s true that she is under 18, the answer is YES. I know the family personally. That is her real shape whoever is gonna ask. Suppose yuh si the mother and younger sister, no sah, ppl fi shape good but shape dash weh pan dem. I could tell stories but clearly they will know a me lol. But whoever curious she is under 18, she is a singer and a model.

    1. Mi seh! That is what Yanique wants to look like….and all di one name Apple and di rest ah di plastic body crew….that’s the natural goodness dem ah try duplicate

  6. In Picture #1 she look like she related to Amber Rose. Yes, har body look good, no lie, but de brain part, wah a gwaan dey so —education -wise? How far Miss Coca -cola bakkle shape reach inna school?

  7. Saran Wrap big up yourself everytime for that Instagram drop, this chicks body is banging (if I’m even legally allowed to say that lol). Her younger sister has an Instagram as well? Don’t worry just going to use it to compare and contrast, because I find it hard to believe that her body can be more shapely than her older sisters. Natural body over the plastic made in havannah body bytches.

  8. The thing is most of these girls get entrance to the industry through promotions, why people who hire them dont ensure that they are old enough ?? Pure a that a gwan now as dem lef high school a promo and honestly not all promo girls can keep their legs closed, its like going to LA to become a star and end up getting coked out in an alley, lol.

  9. Her shape is AMAZING!! She may be a minor in the US but she is a consenting adult in JA. With regard to the promiscuity, I hope its not true and that if she is in fact a model/singer, my hope is that she remains focused and attains her set goals.

    1. Amazing yes but too much fi smaddy so young..when she have children mi nuh sure how it a go work out. If she is under 18 n on the grind like that well………..I will pray

      1. Same ting mi ah seh Met….that’s a lot for someone so young and I’m sure she’s gotten more than her share of unwanted attention very early because of it…fully developed physically but too young to be fully developed mentally…perfect prey for the old perverts and controlling men

      2. @Met
        I think she will be alright, because I’m sure she’s going to implement an excercise regimen if she hasn’t already. Most of the intagrams THOTS and the wannabes like yanique curvy diva are starting to flood their Instagram pages with pictures at the gym, this girl already has an iPhone which is the phone of choice for Instagram groupies, so I’m sure selfies at the gym in her gym attire isn’t too far off lol…

  10. Clearly you no deh pon her snap cause she does go to the Gym but rass me never know she under 18 or 21 she a mad over likkle hood Lincoln u see smh and she and Kelly(Rufus di trends)Kelly a f**k and suck to me love

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