With more than 700,000 views and several hundred comments, a fight video posted on YouTube caught the New York City Police Department’s attention and has resulted in the arrest of four individuals.
Shanique Campbell, 21, is accused of being the instigator in a fight that took place on New York City’s F train Saturday morning. Campbell was filmed taunting Jorge Pena, 25, about his clothing and even lunged after the cameraman twice, knocking his phone out of his hand. Pena, who seemed to take the taunting in stride, eventually delivered a slap across Campbell’s face, authorities charge, which caused a fight to break out on the train.
According to the New York Daily News, both Campbell and Pena were arrested shortly after the fight, along with Kevin Gil, 21, and Danay Howard, 20, who are accused of coming to Howard’s aid after she got slapped.
Pena, Gil and Howard were charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, police said.
Campbell was slapped with a felony assault charge for allegedly using her shoe as a weapon in the attack.

0 thoughts on “4 CHARGED IN SUBWAY BRAWL

  1. Dirty bittcchh!! I bet you go keep dem damn Steve Madden boots on ya big ass feet from now on :hammer..although I think the slapper shouldn’t have been slapped with charges for delivering such a fantastic slap…

    1. Agreed, but di good news is fi him charge ah misdemeanor and fi har a felony. Har behavior neva indicate seh she ah guh places in life…..dis felony charge ah guh mek har corner darker dan midnight. Devil always find wuk fi igle hands. :siul

  2. But y dem ccharge DA yute afta is not him go look fi trouble life not fair non atall me bex him neva kick down dem claat wid a propa beaten n box!!! dem lucky ole germs

  3. 8:55 he did gave them a proper beat down if you watched it from beginning to end, he beat the boy ass that jumped in 5 on 1 and he kicked all them asses

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