KINGSTON, Jamaica — The body of a little girl found floating in the Rio Cobre, St Catherine on Friday has been identified as that of seven-year-old Kadesha Cousins who was reported missing.
Kadesha had been reported missing since Wednesday.
The Central Village police said that she was last seen about 7:15 am at a bus stop in her community. An Ananda Alert for the seven year old was issued by the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit on Friday.
OBSERVER ONLINE on Friday reported that the body of a little girl was seen floating in the Rio Cobre.


  1. Met can u run a topic tomorrow about Cornwall regional hospital tomorrow? I just see a man on MOBAY TORY FACEBOOK PAGE… He had his dad in his lap in the waiting area and the comments are heart wrenching, this lady stated her mom past from their negligence not long ago … Jamaica really need help

  2. Bwoy mi nuh know enuh, mi nuh wahn judge but dear God man, wid all wah a gwan ah JA, why is it that a 7yr chile deh by harself ah bus stop at 7 ah clock innah di morning or any oddah time fi dat mattah? Bwoy dem parents here need to be more vigilant and less negligent wid dem kids, yes sar. Dear God man likkle pickney dem can’t lib in peace..RIP little girl SIP.So :sorry and tired of hearing about innocent lives being snuffed out.

  3. It hurts me dearly may your soul be at peace young one oh my where were her parents ?! Smh dem need to stop run down man n tek care of dem Pitney

  4. As soon as the children dem “hab sense” soem a dese parents believe dem job over. All some a dem a teck di child a send to shop at all hours a night. Mi nuh know what fate dis child meet, could be shi went by the river side guh play and drown, something sinister happened, or shi teck her own life. Who knows, mi will wait pon di autopsy fi hear.

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