No matter how clichéd many may think the saying “a child shall lead them” may be, there are instances that reiterate this notion and move it from being a mere cliché to a reality — as in the case of little Paris McKay.

Eight-year-old Paris, in February, penciled a heartwarming letter to Delroy Williams, Mayor of Kingston, offering to help clean the blocked drains in the municipality.

The letter, dated February 26, was prompted after the child saw Williams looking “frustrated” on television.

“Last Sunday, I saw you on the television looking very frustrated because the drains were blocked with dirt and garbage. I would like to help you clean up the drains,” the St Andrew Preparatory student wrote.

Despite lacking the proper tools for the job, which according to Paris was a mask and suit, Williams was invited to call on the 8-year-old whenever he needs assistance.

“I am always available,” Paris said.

The mayor, in publishing the handwritten letter on social media today tweeted: “I am inspired by this letter from 8-year-old Paris McKay. National pride will take us a far way towards being a cleaner & better city

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