I am so sick of Philly dutty drunkro promotas and partys! This week was Dan Dan cheap and clean party. it is the biggest party for the year for Philly this year was biggest. imagine me and my fren cum to Philly the place ramm past maxx and the people start fight and shoot in the party. It was the worst night ever and me come from worst part of jamaica and never see this yet bout 8 mins shootin and fight b4 light even come on and people caan get out. Bey trampling and man a step pon woman a try get out. My fren ankle broke cleen and my cuz get stitchs in her face.
So many people get run dung an ova in deh but DA WORSE is the dutty nasty promota dem a laff up bout it like big tinkin ugly Tranny Veechy and Big sour battyman Gansgsta Vibes and batty man Damion. Tru dem waan make a money promoting dem laff up bout dem never get celfie like any bady a look pon dem. and a promote KellyStarz party nex week. F**k Kelly and her party. Nuff people glad to be alive. Met true dem big bitch donn love dem life or them kids dem a worry bout going to next party and picture. Dem nuh luv dem life and dem fi go look a job so dem don’t have to encourage f**ry to get a money. Veechy, Gansta Vibes, Damion, Kelly, di whole a uno wutless and fi go get a life and job!
Dan Dan you greedy and ur flyers everywhere say a your party so you liable fi security an wha happen to people. Baa broke up people and bloody people when we finally get out of dat shit house place.
God Thank you fi getting me and frens out. All I wanted to see was my kids. Mi wutliss fi go in a dam trash yard fi party but now Im out I wont be back in Philly slummy dancehall. Tink mi no luv myself or my kids. F**k of Veechy you illetrate like! It dohh funny none at all it disrespectful to everyone hurt and ur kids!


  1. Veechy House haunted thats why she dont want to stay in! Do you love your self or kids? You sadd bad! Gangsta Vybz Go sit your run een ass down! You so want to be relevant in life that you will run in on anything even this bullshit. You dont even like Showtime!!
    Dan Dan and these broke pocket hustlin promoters are responsible for what happen to people in these party Where was security? All they was worry about was money.

  2. Once AGAIN these promoters could care ZERO if somebody lost their lives that night. listen I have been saying this since forever in regards to Philly dancehall scene. A person go out and spend their money on hair, clothes and shoes. They come out to support these ungrateful money hungry promoters, who care zero about your safety and or loyalty.
    The venues are disgusting the bathrooms are unthinkable and security is a joke, might as well have no security.
    Do you know BIG Yard is a junk yard??? seriously its a graveyard for cars and trucks. Ironically it was almost graveyard for some humans with his cheap and clean affair,
    Let me tell you about nasty fat black RUDE Dan Dan, he is a wicked self absorb @ss hole to the highest level. I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with this sociopath for business reasons in the early 2000’s. He was rude, disgusting and I halted the deal after one conversation, funny because I was bringing more money to the table then he was. I have never ever supported anything this man has given since then. NOTHING!
    Don’t expect an apology, well at least not a sincere one from this savage. He is a very mean, shallow, ugly on the inside and outside man.
    The Dance Hall community in Philadelphia is not that big, everybody knows somebody. The amount they charge per person to get into these events is more then enough to secure a nice, clean and safe venue and with proper security for people to come out and enjoy themselves. Until the CONSUMERS/PATRONS (YOU) demand better by boycotting these events. Prepare yourself for the continued sub par dirty and unsafe locations. Prepare yourself to continue to duck, roll and make it back to your kids safe.

    1. You bias Dancehall community in Philly very small yes. Very small! The person Dan Dan you described sound like all the promoters but only Dan Dan can get that crowd in Philly……period. But he no different than Skilli who people been gettin killed at his place. You been dealing with Dan Dan for soo many years anybody ever die in his events. You ever here skilli apologize n mean it yet? FOH Skilli own peeps get killed in his place…remember Randi at Traxx. Skilli shoot his self in his own crowded place. Skilli own security guard get shot in his place not even year ago.
      Skilli Neva have a proper license yet and his wife a lawyer so how dat. Two man dead in skilli place only two month ago. Pleaz stop while u ahead the community very small. You putting up big yawd owna info n Dan Dan info n u prob was in party. Put up Christopher Murray info same time. Two of dem biggest thief and wicked badmine in Philly. Skilli have dem all beat who wicked n irresponsible lika him. He run like tief when police cum or duck them and start new unlicensed place. This not big yawd only.
      You waan talk? talk the truth. the truth hurts right? And pleas to tell him stop duck mi Fren call need the deposit money.

      1. Not bias just telling the truth he is a very ugly person on the inside and outside. Some women is in a coma. I did not bring up any other promoter because that was not the topic. The post was about the cluster f8ck that took place on Saturday. You know damn well Trax had nothing to do with Randy so stop that, you reaching let him rest in peace. You can’t control what happens outside but you damn sure can control what happens inside. But fine, feel free to continue to support these people who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire or throw money at you like peasants, dogs, animals and they are Kings or Queens gracing you with their presence. GTFOH with that BS, go out continue to support. Continue to get dressed up waste your rent money to party in disgusting venues that should be condemned.

        1. U a try u pyschs for u n u Fren gain but we see u badmine! U care bout dem peeps or u see dis as opp 2 tear down di man n di place cuz u peeps dun. We see u. see how fass u brush of randi n otha shootin n death in u Fren place. Tink we no see u? U talk bout call ice, an police pon party wah dat fah? If u care bout life. U call dandan wickd dat worse. U r an informa a run een on di tragedy mov ur nasty bad mind bumbo. Go seek God in u heart. Tink we no see u. U really try dat doh badmine fukka u

          1. I have no friends in the dancehalls, it’s like watching animals gone wild. You want to look away but you just can’t help it. As for the rest of your comment I can not understand that mess. You can take up for that greedy gorilla if you want to.

  3. If I read correctly, one lady tore ligaments or bruk ar foot during this stampede?…if I were she, I would file suit against that establishment’s property insurance because they are liable…

    1. Ps.. this location is not zoned as a party location BRT#:884790022
      Property Address:3401 S 61ST ST
      Owner Name:CHEEMA MOHAMMAD I

      1. Any of dem have license? All the spots we jamaicans party in is the same thing. From NIFIGI to JUNK YARD. all unlicensed! Nifigi dun for same shit. dem take your money an run. skilli still duckin people n both his place unlicensed. they allll same only one diff is one reef that no real jamaicans go to. Dancehall is a trashy place in philly. always been always will b.
        You betta add skilli info up and poka flat and Lennox and Kidd and earl and Bengo n Nikki! they all illegal catering to illegal runaway crooks

  4. Maine Shotime you cussin Big Yard? Oh Bye! All those place are the same broke down guttas. you had how many dance in Nifigi? They had NO license and how shootings! How many people get killed in Skilli unlicensed club maine. Yu walk roun in there in ur sorsa draws bra n panty wit every man a look up in ya mawnin n a feel u up n the unlicensed pit toilet nifiji but u betta Dan people in junkyard.
    Aint these your big ugly sisters up top. Oh and is all the activities in your new biz legal an licensed, the drop offs and pick ups. bye girl. Every bady self righteous now. You same junk yard trash too. BYEEEE

  5. Senda, yuh nuh wutliss suh doe say that lol…yuh jus did ah look ah party fe ketch some vibes and happen tuh go there…we all make mistakes in life mums…just don’t make the same mistake ah guh back dessuh..hush mums, sorry fe hear bout yuh tragedy, but you ah yuh cousin/family dem need fe hire a good lawyer/firm and they will file suit against the owner…the attorney(s) will then deal directly with their insurance company…


  7. I can’t stand Maine , she favor billy goat when them just ah learn fi walk kmt.. I use to like her but her attitude is disgusting fi smaddy who nuh buss yet

      1. No It was very very bad! No Joke!! Man trample over woman running for their life. All the bad man dem a run. If you was there you would no how bad it was. words can not express! Praying for your friend! There are a few people still in hospital! Tears for them! All the other girl who picture on fb in hospital with the tubes…prayers!

      2. Very much truth! And it was more than BAD, another lady broke both legs and I saw another with blood running down both eyes!!

          1. When I say it was bad its no joke! There was no room in party to even stand much less run. Big yard big hold at least 1000 and it was past packed like sardines. They have two small door both was lock and the lights were completely out! The stampede wasn’t a min long run out thing it went on for minutes! With nobody getting out.
            People dont realize how many people really got hurt because everybody doesnt know or talk to everyone that was in there. Not everybody post on fb. Alot was from out a town and yankee also but trust me alot of people got hurt. It was multiple shots fire people were running for their life! If Im lying or exagerating please say so! All man a hide and duck, the baddest man dem a hide and stomp on people to get out. It was BADDD!!!

  8. Somebody is in a coma over this bullshit but nobody care all they care about is promoting the next crime scene

  9. I can’t believe Kelly try to convince people to come to her dance this week after what happen. Your crazy! Go look a Job! The people will not pay you rent this time! Bye girl!

    1. That’s a ventilator sticking out of her mouth?? Oh God please help this girl! OMG That could have been me! Thank you God!!

  10. Mi just check out dah yute yah page on fb mackie skoolbwoy and the man sista deh deh inna a coma with tube and ting….smh jah know star….

  11. Dont really kno him name but all mi kno seh a blackie ex. The one shi always a beat pon. The one from the money team….look weh yu cause…big man like u inna dance a fight ova woman and cause some many ppl fi get hurt just because yah gal clown. Dem fi hold yu and beat yu to rass!!!

    1. You see that faint red light waaaay in back of picture. That was an exit. a small house like door that was locked. There is one other house like doorway in front also very small opening for this size place

  12. So is when Coot tunn badman? And which gal him a fight ova cause him have so many.Cooit di ppl den seh meck di law ease ur stress since u did wah release it Ina di ppl dem dance..
    Kelly cut ur losses and try another hustle. Fish fry or something else. It look like di ppl dem out fi sen L&I ah you ting like dem do Jago.. Party Dunn fan Ina Philly cause di law Thad a unuh Jamaican and cause problems every weh unuh party. Go on a cruise ppl .. Bon voyage..

  13. Kelly put up a post that veechie post saying that the worst part of her night is that she did take a selfie she looked like a elephant she need to go sit her ugly ass down people in a coma people got hurt and the worst part of her night is she didn’t take a selfie nobody want to see her ugly ass she need to go find somewhere to live .

  14. Thanks for all the prayers… My friend woke up Tuesday out of the coma but weren’t able to speak. She regained full consciousness Wednesday after prayers and prayers. She’s doing well now. thank GOD

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