Hi met,I want everyone to know that am in love with this man for so long I’ve never met him before but there’s something about him that I like. I would like to know some info on him before I make my move what does he do for a living,is he married or live with a women,kids please to help me



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  1. “Please to help me” help yourself to a good dictionary and decent grammar book like the First Aid in English wha me use to use a jamaica in a grade 4

  2. This gyal right in har head or naw … Wtf .. Atleast good luck mama caw him Eva a look gyal fi mine him yuh sound desperate gallan .. Good luck … Dwrcl

  3. Don’t you want to know if the man a battyman or if he’s on the down low, if he’s a woman beater, if he has a clean bill of health, if him have a rap sheet? You cannot be in love with someone you don’t know and I’m sure he would have noticed you on your many encounters.

  4. Funny and stupid………..could this be Peaches and her family trying to throw us viewers off…………

  5. how wi know is a oman want to match make? maybe is a burl asking.

    anyways, i sense sikes a use, cuz mi refuse to believe a man or a woman would be so desperate and thirsty. :hoax2

  6. I don’t c anything wrong wid liking a person. I like him I saw him @ a boat ride years ago and a party once, say hi dat was it.

  7. We’ll 1 him live with him baby mother an kids in the Bronx 2 him name a call pon batty 3 him a f**k mix up peaches 4 him have out side baby mother 5 u have to mine him 6 him is a f**king liar. 7 him use to f**k Betty boo 8 think before u make any move do u good home work. Him like man

  8. Sender you sound desperate but mek mi help you out! Him like man & woman so you have a chance, if you can give him a threesome him will start stalk you always deh a strip club a look stripper fi join him n him gal or him n him man! Him is not a cook him wash pot n plate a one restaurant a manhattan . Mi ketch him n gq Dwight inna him car one night mi never c dem a do nuttin though! I think him live a queens or bronx him use to f**k horing Toya sort out n tek har $ n tings me f**k him one time n him beg me pay him phone bill n fi buy him a sneakers me jus pay the phone bill and cut can bother him have 3 daughter 1 fi one ugly black big head tuff face gal from di bronx him use to f**k Paul range but mi no know wah happen between them n them break up him say peaches have in false teeth wah drop out when she did a suck him hood so him mek har lick him batty instead and massage it with har gums so him mus did deh wid har at one point in time! Him n Betty boo cool but him a f**k Courtney fat belly Marcia daughter yes him lie fi true

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    2. no dah comment yah sweet______________________________________

      cum yah man yuh too damn gud tuh be chue,yuh id run nuh chee sum wid him?!?!?

      yuh did knw him into man tuh b4 yuh dash out?!?!?

      a wah mek yuh really pay de phone bill??!?!?


      “peaches have in false teeth wah drop out when she did a suck him hood so him mek har lick him batty instead” _______________:tkp

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