0 thoughts on “-_- NAHHHHHHH MAN

  1. mi nuh get it met!! yuh nuh see d bottom red! LOL LOL LOL. why the hell mi a pay so much money fi mine? mi need har link LMFAO!!!! MAWNING METTT!!

  2. She forget to take off the markdown 69.99 stickers, poor thing her louboutin almost get damage :hoax

  3. But Sheri nuh u seh u nah guh dance again wen u did come outta jail fi teefing..nuh u seh nobody neva deh dere fi u suh why r u there in deh in the first place running fi cova in dat Lewy

  4. She neva seh she wearing Louboutins, she seh har red bottom boots… Don’t is boots and don’t the bottoms red?! :bingung

  5. Mi nah laugh b/c she neva tell no lie. A red bottoms almost mash down & mi see di bottom a di shoe red! $70 markdown well she’s smart b/c she loves a sale. Why waste $$$ on dancehall clothes anyway b/c all yu clothes smell like weed, smoke & get splashed w/champagne anyway. :siul :cystg

  6. FADDA GOD IS WHA DU DIS MAD OOWMAN YAH?? OH LAWD ONLY YOU CAN TOUCH AR DEAR GOD…SMH poor ting mi feel sorry fi ar bad kmt

  7. All of uno badmind people that commenting on my red bottom boots can come kiss my black ass. I go where I please and and i wear whatever i please whether it is fake or real or cheap or expensive. Who don’t like it go kill uno self

  8. Blessed good evening Met and all others:)
    Big :kiss :peluk @Met
    That is not a Louboutin,those are the red bottoms from bare feet shoe stores.
    Immi is what that is. (imitation aka Immi)

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