0 thoughts on “A DARKER SWEETS

  1. A who dat inna di fus pic? Sweets how much u affi spen a month time fi nuh ketch back ur real colour? U probably nuh see sun fi months at a time don’t it.

  2. Sweets look better dark idk why she bleach she was never ugly…now her sister on the other hand she is ugly to me she looks like she have mumps

  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, sweets look AWFUL darker…….and by the way the lighter picture on the bottom is Dolly, can we have an updated Sweets pic, puleeeze!
    Also, I’m happy to see that she has become more fashion conscious after the bleaching because that polka dot get up and shoes is atrocious!!

  4. Thank god fi bleaching cream and make up Dolly ugly bad she have good makeup skills cause she look alright when she do r makeup but when she put up post saying me and the bea shopping why me can not see a picture of the bag

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