11 thoughts on “A DEAD MI A DEAD

  1. OMG :ngakak I don’t know this Etana artist and yes I am a Jamaican, never heard one of her songs but this on a real, it funny.

    1. Gm PP n all! Mi laugh so till crowd draw roun me inna the office.Couple white ppl lef the conference room n a bunch a we at mi Desk a watch it 2more times.

      Everybody agrees the line that takes the cake is…

      Bob Marley dream mi last nite n tell me yuh let dung the rasta community!

      Mi have the best Bosses cuz them sey we can tek coffee break ya now instead of running us Bk to work!Pinkwall to the flipping worl!

  2. I don’t know whether she’s stupid or she’s doing this for publicity. But either way wrong move. We will never forget nor forgive you for this faux pas. My mummy would say that we wouldn’t know stupid people were stupid if they didn’t talk. Bitch shut up!!!

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