1. She start whoring from early, by the time she reach 25, she’ll be all washed up. Its the in thing now to be a sugar daddy’s pit cleaner. These sad girls

  2. And yet an still anytime her name call she run ova ya fi defend har self…..why Richie? When the same thing weh people chat yuh an seh yuh ah do , is the same thing you are owning now…ah nuh scam yuh ah scam dem….pretty sure yuh ah gi di old man dem piece , so ah sell you ah sell honey….
    you ah service dem…an dem ah pay….and further more…you robbing yourself boo…ah use up you young body fi sate di appetite of nasty perverts & borderline pedophiles….

    Anywho…gwan tru Richie…gwan “rob & scam” di man dem while yuh still young….and please save any cash dem gi yuh bc dem nah guh waan yuh when you reach 30 so good luck….use yuh youth wisely dwl

  3. Stupid ho, I don’t know why them think them a rob and scam nobody. These old perves have money galore, and if them can give u a minute fraction of that fi leach pon u body why not? The whores these days all them talk bout is ppl a do it fi free so why not gain from it. The reason is when u sleep with these gross nasty men u take a piece of them into your soul, your dna. Generation curses and saltness u a take een. You are robbing yourself cause u can’t unsex these men, men who make u role play as slaves and servants, some a them nuh even want u touch no part of them body but them wood, all fi money weh u could a get more of by working hard and sacrificing. Bwoy mi nuh know how unuh do it, y’all good mi naah tell nuh lie. That wrinkled, mucussy white leathery skin woulda stay with me forever, all inna mi dream.

  4. Lol this little girl really letting instagram hype get to her head. Cuz a jus weh day she ova yah a defend harself haard now she write shit. Mi strongly believe not a ting dont guh suh she is a little girl who loves attention and will do anything to get it.

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