This girl name Stacy from Jones Town lost her life yesterday leaving her 3 kids behind, she and a next girl was fighting over a man and the other girl stabbed her to death .



  1. Now you tell me,this girl have har 3 damn kids fi live fah and tek up herself a fight ova man look how as she step down off the bridge she turn right round into to being stab to death..like ppl really still fight ova man inna 2016?!?!?!? then yuh can here some a cheer her on and others just a laugh before the stabbing as if ..no sah

  2. My God here goes 2 more stupid woman, none a dem still naw get the man cause one dead and one doomed to prison. The devil a rule dem ppl yah life. Ppl nuttin nuh wrong if yuh walk away, it nuh mean yuh a punk yuh just a di smarter one. Just walk away and yuh will live to see another day, yuh nuh haffi prove seh yuh badda dan no one. Now yuh lef di innocent kids dem to be a burden to others.

  3. Sad all over. Sometimes di way simple tings can escalate easily. Dats why nuh care how me poor certain communities caan see di dirt under my foot bottom much less mi body fi guh seh mi lib deh. I would live in a barn and sleep gense di animals in a good community before mi guh live inna house in some of these places. Rip to the deceased.

  4. Thre a them gang the girl now the three a them de a lock carry in them self bout self defense, three pon one can’t be self defense

  5. But from what I heard is a 15 years old stabbed her. Mother and 2 daughters were fighting her and one of the daughter stabbed her. Base on info I heard she was actually pull away from the confrontation and went back to fight and lost her life. It wasn’t said if it was over a man or what. Such a damn shame the devil always find work for idlers.. Nobody walk away anymore and live to fight again.

  6. An’ see de man weh dem a fight ova. They must have both been dickmatised to carry on so. And look now. Three children motherless. One woman a dead house and another looking at a life sentence. I bet the man has replaced them both and have a next gullible woman in his bed already. Silly fools.

  7. No such thing bout no man the person that stab her us a 15 yr old her which her mom n sister gang her thre pon one so she get stab ntn bout no man

  8. It’s not all the time thts t case abt fighting over man, sometimes woman provoke woman nd den ppl tek it ah run wid it like ah fight dem ah fight over man…
    It’s a shame now her life jus ended like tht, no one deserve to die like tht ah bettr dem did gi har a good whooping dem, den to stab her to death, nd it’s a 15 year old tht killed her..kmt
    condolences reach out to her kids n family….
    such a shame..

  9. uno too bloodclat lie stacy never a fight over no man the 2 sister dem and her mother alaways atek set on her ………..weh u dont know dont talk

  10. All if a no man dem a fight fah it still terrible cause jah know…. one ting did wid di Yankee dem dem will fist it out but my ppl dem nuh fight so weapons or nothing else

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