1. #Jay junior look like a Mount Kiliamanjaro gorilla!

    A so me and one dead dog catch up on nairaland.

    kleptomaniac Nigerians think dem more than Western Hemisphere African breed. I don’t do village kumbayahs wid people just because dem dark skin.

    Africa a suffer today day fi de millions of people dem put inna rope and carry go flesh market! Bitch dem a do it from rome did a reign and still a do it fi de arabs…

    Me is a 100% JAMAICAN! Nothing infront or behind dat rass! Me nah bow pon my nationality fi any other :rose:

  2. we pussy cleaner an smell better than fi dem, is a African say so, when dem lef Africa dem naw f…. dem, me see the hypocrisy long time dem not good she want a b…cl..lick in her mouth I tell people they don’t like us and dem hav dem dung deh a preach an do biz with and all a marry dem see rita sick and run out, she fi galang back a cuba tek all a bob artifacts go mek dem bun up eena fire who to tell if a no purpose dem light it, weh de bl… claat mi a do s farr kmt weh muta deh cho

  3. What a gal tan bad. Har hair waan duh? I was f**king an African guy and he said African women pussy big and every African man wants a Jamaican woman. Dem a carry tight pussy feelings. Mek dem gwey, from yu look pan har yu can tell sey shi smell sour. A true nuh Jamaican bwoy nuh beg har nuh pussy shi hurt. Suh if Jamaica suh poor and bad wey shi a travel all di way across di worl fah?

  4. Of course@ Maddaready, them set Rita house on fire, because Rita eat the ackee and nothing never duh her, and them eat an get poison by it, so them claim say she is a witch, so the burn the house. Them hate Jamaicans, especially the women, cause them man them love we, check out them history, them was the richest people on the earth, until them sell out themselves into slavery, sell out them gold and precious stones fi food, that’s why most them big and fava them ole Orangutan, through we pretty, clean, and talented them hate, and Vagina smell good.

  5. Numb nuts there are 165 million ppl in Nigeria. You have just under 3 million people in Jamaica. What are you comparing? The houses? You drove there and you are looking at the landscape?? U seem to be at a river bank. Obviously you don’t have enough funds to leave the bed and breakfast. You are from a continent. Jamaica is an island. I guess they don’t teach math and geography in Nigeria. One more question weh yu get da sitten de pon yu head? Mi sure yu nuh si nuh Gyal a Jamaica in a dat

  6. Is she living in London? (I didn’t read it) .They have this stupidness going on in London that part of the divide and rule tactics of the enslaver and coloniser. It foolish and based on stupidity.
    I had people from Africa calling me slave and other names like that but had more people from Africa showing me love. Stop the racism towards each other.

  7. Let them talk keep them talking, we gonna keep them talking, let them hate, keep them hating, we gonna keep them hating…. Yardie weh u deh big up u damn self wherever u deh mi Gemini bredda :kiss

  8. These damn bitches pass ignorant I can’t stand to see black on black ignorance this why black race can’t reach nowhere​ if u put video on mute u can’t tell if she Jamaican or African we all f**kin niggas to the whiteman

  9. Is things like this we must run in pan, when mi really consider them ole imbeciles ya, old non entities, ole fart, a come try style Jamaican, mi iggy bad fi them, ole witch of the earth, satan companions, low we, look how far dat deh one deh wid, Kata pan her head, travel fi come see we nice clean house, we pretty kids, and we nah bathe ina dutty water, we nuh guh to nuh shrine, and we nah mek nuh blood sacrifice fi have nutten, we have fi things through pure talents, uno grudge like how satan grudge God, that’s him is right there living in Africa wid uno, gal guh carry u fire wood pan u kata head, and leave we alone, stay ina uno lane, how much Jamaican u ever seh them waan guh a Africa? And even if we seh suh a mouth talk, so low weeee, uno we mek uno pum pum stink.

  10. Rice and gravy people, uno craven bitches, village girl wid u kata pan u head, guh check u Nigerian history, u sell out we fi rice and gravy, not even meat never ina the pot, uno better guh up a the Shrine guh ask the gods, why Jamaicans smell better, talented, and respected all over the world, don’t forget u 6 tube a yum, and 1 he goat, wooooiiii ole fart uno.

  11. Yuh see ‘ar bloodclaat eyebrow, how it look like jankruh cum pon it!?! First of all if this bloodclaat knave, dis ole scoundrel drag ‘ar stinking, green arm, weh dem braise monkey under gi di village chief fi nyam and ‘ar rotten ole weh smell like outta 219th Street and white Plains Road, come ah mi NOIIIIICE, CLEEEEEAN, GOOD COUNTRY WID SO MUCH HATRED, RESENTMENT AND ENVY inna ‘ar green heart, she NEVA did ah guh see NOOOOO (0) good in it; because she went on a mission to compete, compare and criticize! But di naw “baide”, dutty f**ka get JUUUUUST wah shi DESERVE, ’cause mi waaaaarm Jamaican sun deal wid ‘ar dutty, bad colour, bleach out skin WIIIIICKEDDDDD; F**KA YUH!!!!! BOUT YUH DUNG DEH AH COMPLAIN BOUT WEATHER, LIKE WHEN YUH DEH AH NIGERIA AH BOX SHIT OUTTA HOG MOUT’ AND AH TEAR DOG HOOD AND DOG NOSE OUTTA VILLAGE CHIEF TEETH, YUH AH EXPERIENCE GUH AUTUMNAL OR SPRING LIKE WEATHER, GUH SUUUUUCK YUH MADA!!!!!

  12. Jamaica is a poor country…The Jamaican $ to a US# is like $123. She’s right…She didn’t say she Hate jamaica….So what’s the big deal. Jamaican people always talking bad about Africans..And they always talking bad about the whole Caribbean…Dissing the culture.. Dissing Soca Music..dissing the way people Talk. So how can you say she’s hating on Jamaica and its success. What’s the reasons for Jamaicans hating on others then? And I read some of the comments and the only thing the girls can talk about is “Pussy” …is that the only thing you have to address a situation Jesus Christ! Is that the only thing you can talk about to defend Jamaica a land you love so much! Because in Reality a lot of jamaican men are married or dating non Jamaican women…so I don’t thing anybody’s “pussy” is the issue!

    1. So is Nigeria its 1 Us to 312.00 .. so what is she saying ??? Nigeria has more poverty than wealth and it’s a continent … she’s making no sense

    2. And so the f**k what we poor as a nation? We well aware of we historical situation and current strife!

      You see we a blow up we country?

      You see we have drop like fly because we a starve?

      You see religious strife divide we?

      Only thing about Africa that appeal to me is the ancestral ways of life. Africa using shit fi build huts, sell a bride, feast pon bush meat, shit any where, muslim bullshit and all the rest of African issues.

      Western hemisphere blacks should learn to accept their history and see the weak back Africans for what they are….weak.

      Real, you have time a talk bout exchange rates…lol Yen, Canadian, Pound and Euro mek USd look like shit so me no know wha de exchange rate a prove.


      1. Cause shi a se Jamaica have inflation and fi dem ilinflation worse … and a which pic she start di video wid?

        1. De friend and de rock she lean pon look alike 😀

          These bitches come from a nation rich in oil, but dem poor and talking about our houses?!

          Negros! Dem continent profit from slavery of their own people and Jamaica which was a gamble even as a slave colony dem a criticize for architecture…yow me just can’t with certain negrosssss

  13. Seriously???? Are we seriously gonna cuss all Nigerians for what a bunch a stupid people seh? I know a lot of Nigerians and they are some seriously nice people; the issue here is education; stupid people from every country and continent, thats it! Sending love to everyone from every country!

    1. If the truth be told. The majority of Nigerians hate on the Caribbean’s. It is only a small amount of them that love the Caribbean’s.

        1. And you know the majority of Jamaicans?!

          Me smell enough nigerians to be certain that the majority stink!

          Perfume don’t hide bitterness!

    1. But when a yard man slide hood up inna har she in love. This goat need to be tied out…lolol

  14. One of The worst mistake of my life was working for a Nigerian. Real snake in the grass,stab mi inna mi back an gwan like him did a pat mi. When him leave mi feel the blood,but Karma dealt him a blow,that was worst that he could ever inflict. All I know dem very sneaky,and vain glorious.

  15. The jealousy is to do with Usain Bolt. Nigerians are jealous of his success. In the article it says that there are videos on youtube.com called Why Jamaicans(not Nigerians)are track and field champions, part 1 and part 2. It also says that the Nigerian women are jealous of Caribbean women having long hair.

  16. Suh mi want to know if she have something better, why she keep coming – wid har head look like a shaved gorilla… look pan har face to, hate har race she be bleaching – all dah one wah kotch pan rock a chance if she know what inflation is..dyam butus… I can’t stand to see some of these idiots making the world realize how stupid they are just for a few likes. We don’t wont you inna wi poor poor country — stay a u rich one – if unu did suh rich and powerful and all these things why di hell unu migrating and immigrating? unu is a set a tuncoat wah need fi be thrown inna blasted kiln. Look pan dis gal to, sorry ass of a negro. Chile u don’t have to come back- go somewhere else – Jamaicans does not need the likes of you – we are blessed despite everything else – that why the rain keep falling…everyweh u guh rain fall except probably weh u live caz unu is a set a demon wah need some klensing–buttuu

  17. I have a Nigerian friend at work and like her a lot. We do stuff outside of work as well, no issues. Folks have to remember even Nigerians are in conflict with each other due to the tribalism, they don’t even like Ghanaians. If dem in conflict with each other and even their own next door neighbors, how you expect they will deal with us? I respect some aspects of their culture like the value they place on education and marriage. Their culture is very different from ours with respect to gender roles, hiring children to work and in mystical beliefs. If some of them hate us it would be understandable because we are like aliens to them.

    @Annoy, I agree with you 100%. How puss argument get into these discussions is beyond me. Jamaican men chat Jamaican women same way when dem lay with others. I would never take a man serious who spoke ill of the women from his culture, I am a womanist and I don’t ramp those way. Any dog that brings a bone will take one too.

  18. Long time Nigerians hate Jamaicans and other Caribbean ppl a nuh today story that. Nigerians hate South Africans with a passion smh di Nigerians dem is very badmind and hateful, they also hate Black Americans. Just last week I saw a handful of Nigerians dissing some Black Americans on Shaderoom talking bout how they hate Black Americans and a whole heap a bull crap. Whenever I see ppl on social media saying pray for Nigeria I just scroll pass cuz I aint praying for no damn body. They hate Black people so why tf should I pray for them. Mi leave dem to Boko Haram fi f**k dem up

    1. This is a reply to number 26: I agree with what you are saying. Nigerians hate Black Americans and tend to call them Akata. In this article it was said by Jay Jnr that said “Jamaicans are the slaves we Africans sold for a few shillings”. He also said “I’d rather be a true born African with forefathers that had their freedom since the evolution of mankind than to be a descendant of a slave and call myself Jamaican, no sorry, I’m African, I’m a prince, and I don’t have the slave masters blood in my veins”. He is from Nigeria and lives in England. His comment is so nasty

  19. Ahhhh boy wat I’m most concerned about it that thing on her head n di finger whey pitch patch like say dem stay inna hot shit, now wat architecture is she talking about because dem build some house deh whey dem just fling in contemporary eclectic barnyard …………….. and every other design just TOGETHER u can’t tell wat actual style they were trying for less is more
    Mi not even ago start pon di cleanliness n odor nopessssss I’m not gonna do it oh noooooooooooo

  20. @Tawkchuet, mi tink ah mi one see di fingers! And di “tummuck” plate how wi GOOD son BEATTTTT it like a Virginia Slave! Dyam brrrrrite! Bout “Jamaica is not Nigeria, It is Not Ghana”! IT SURE AS F**K COULDN’T BE! Ah waahn gi it di infamous Popcaan “Stray Dog” chorus line fi bout 40 days and 40 night, like The Great Baby Wayne, when him WELL FRASS, sitting on dat white horse and dem frig wid him! Shi/dem fi GWEHHHHH!!!!! I have friends who work alongside them, who tells me the same thing ALLLLL the time! And, look how all mi Kalonji and company love talk bout “repartriation is a must” and nuh STOP try haul mi dung deh fi YEARSSSSS, now!?! Smh, my brother told me this YEARSSSSSS ago, too!

  21. You know se wen nobody a talk bout movevbackvto africa dem nuh include naija .. nobody nah live de … di Igbo dem is another set … dem tink dem Betta dan ppl

    1. This a reply to Real: I agree with you. When people move back it is to countries such as Ghana and the Gambia. Nigeria is not included because they have such a high crime rate and they are not welcoming to blacks in the diaspora. The other African countries that I mentioned open their arms to us Caribbean’s.

  22. Mi weee tek di hate but dat too likkle bit hunnu shoulda have more….cause sumting is dere to hate for lol so much talent come outta we likkle country… ano Jamaicans fault a baaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Hunnu cyah do Usain noting :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak di hate real fi true if mi a did Nigeria mi woulda hate Jamaican tuh wid dem good up talent ppl.. fast runners an up deh top shelf music we up deh everything.

  23. All her talk about jamaicans living in poverty.In all my years of living, I’ve yet to see an advert on tv asking for donations to sponsor a Jamaican child.

  24. Jamaicans are the best people in the world. When we are bad, we do it to the extreme. When we are good we do it to the extreme. The thing that Nigerians hate us for is our extreme and the fact that we challenge them. If we are true worshippers of Christ, they get jealous and think that we are worshiping because of some wrongs we did. They are not true worshippers of Christ. They think they are but consider their spouses as the head while deep down they try to rule. However, a Jamaican know how to get things done. Nigerians only try to tear down others. They need the true and loving Christ for those of them who are still living a double life.

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