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  1. It’s fake a him and him fren keep baby shower together and he took a pic with his babymom and his fren baby mom

  2. Metty, that is actually great that both his children’s mothers can get along during pregnancy because that shows that they will get along and be cordial to one another for the sake of the children…it’s typical and very unfortunate that women will cuss and fight each other over a man and that some men even support that type of f**krey….men who try to play women against each other are NOT men; they are little boys with a very childish mentality who refuse to grow up and see the bigger picture *the children*…use to deal with a guy who intentionally had his babymother to call my phone and try to cuss me out over him because he wanted to see chaos between us over him…not only did I find that to be very very disrespectful, but that gave me more insight to his behavior/mentality and the sneaky shit that he would continue to do for his own selfish satisfaction *that was his first strike plus I lost a lil respect for him after that*…I actually commend this guy and hope that the 3 of them co-parent and raise their children together well…best of luck to them :2thumbup

      1. Definitely *NOT* supporting the fact that he got both women pregnant at the same time, but it’s at least good to see that he manned up and maybe even apologized to both women for what he did and they were both willing to forgive and move on sake of co-parenting to allow these siblings to grow up together as a happy family…

  3. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….
    some lil heffa steal de pic from de girl page and put a heading on it nd send it off try’n tuh make both girls luk low..the girl in the gold is the bestfriend to the one in the red, it’s the girl in gold babyshower and they are god parents to the baby and de ppl dem tek a pic…dats it

  4. Thats not his babyshower either. It was the girl in gold. Her baby father is a fat darkskin guy who had on all white. He a “rapper” or something

  5. I know this guy. That’s his baby mom nd his godson mother. Him and his friend kept baby shower for their 2 women same day

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