A Jury For Justice
Published: Wednesday | March 19, 2014 0 Comments

I was not aware of the academic standard of the jurors, and right throughout the judge’s summation in the murder case involving Vybz Kartel and four co-accused, I felt that in addressing them, the learned judge might have been talking over the their heads.

I, therefore, concluded that persons would walk free, but minutes before the verdict was announced and as Nationwide gave us an assessment of the ages of the jurors, I said, “Oh no. No one is going to walk free.”

I now send a word to those who select jurors to always maintain a balance: half seniors, half younger persons. Seniors have come a far way and gleaned much wisdom over the years.

I recall when I was called to be a juror, and each time defence attorneys looked at me, they would just reject me, so I finally asked the chief justice to exempt me from being part of juries. I obviously did not have what these attorneys were looking for.

Last Thursday, the justice system came through for Jamaica.


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  1. Congratulations and thanks again to Judge Campbell, the jury, and the legal team for their unflinching service to Jamaica. I commend them for their bravery. Because of them, corruption got, and rightly so, a slap in the face. This is a resounding victory for law and order in Jamaica. The verdicts were a boost for justice in the country. We call for the government to be hard on crime. I trust this judgement will be accepted peacefully and serve as an example to others. Justice was served. No one is above the law. May God bless everyone who served well.

      1. I’m still pleasantly shocked. Mi nah lie. The jury (mostly) took their responsibility serious. Brave they were, too.

    1. The bits we were served via the media was not have of what they saw in the courtroom. Chances are the evidence was overwhelming and sickening. They must have empathized strongly with the victim and his family

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