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Isaiah 40:31. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

“FATHER GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME”. Some of you have followed the Vybz Kartel trial for months but I have been living it for years. I have once again seen first at hand that God hears and answers prayers, I felt a bundle of joy overcome my soul when I heard that the accused were found guilty. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that Lizzy can now rest in peace knowing justice have been served. At the same time, it saddens me to see how much lost souls Jamaica has, so many people shouting free world boss like he is God. “Isaiah 45: 6-7, That people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things”.
Yes I can say he makes Great music and he may be multi-talented but I have seen that he is also a bad influence on some of Jamaica’s misguided people. It is heart-breaking to see how one man has so much power over a nation and could have used it for good. I will continue to pray that all those misguided souls find comfort in the Lord and allow justice to prevail.
Met I am speaking on behalf of Lamar Chow and myself, we would like to first hand thank you for all you do and all you have done in regards to this case, there are not enough words to express our gratitude to you, you are greatly appreciated. To the JCF we would also like to say Thank you for all you have done your hard work has not gone unappreciated. I myself cannot find enough gratitude to emphasize the respect I have for JCF and the help they have given in this case Father God is sure to bless them in all they have done, and to those that gave encouraging words may the dear lord bless you all.


  1. First of all, if I’m the world boss, then I’m granting myself diplomatic immunity suh nuh boy can’t lock mi dung, so the idiots screaming ‘free worl boss’ can’t get how much of an oxymoron that is. Hahahaha some kinda worl boss.

    To Lamar Chow, we are eternally grateful for your bravery in testifying against these Jezebels. Knowing who and what you were up against, many people would have taken the easy way out but you prevailed and even punked the attorneys a couple of times. Know that you’ve set a precedent we are hoping many others will follow.
    Time to start anew. Close your eyes and leave it all as a bad memory but one that ushers you down the narrow path. Your life has meaning and it has purpose and I hope you see that now.

    To JCF, you guys have made us proud, however I’m hoping this trial will have highlighted your shortcomings so they can be rectified.

    The thought that I’m gonna have to deal with their collective delusions again on March 27 is cause for many woosah moments.

    1. :2thumbup @anonymous 8:34 Well Said!!!….Thank you Lamar Chow, God be with you and your family, You are in my prayers, (nah just sey suh, real ting)

    2. good day metty boom boom

      good day fellow metters

      my sentimets exactly, i have noticed i don’t really have to say much on jmg anymore loool, cuz u metters always seh weh weh mi want seh.

      mi fingaz an mi keyboard tanks u lool

  2. Ms. Met,

    I know you are “up to the time”. Will you be posting the Onstage – Ninja Man Interview on the Kartel verdict today?

  3. Gm Met, we all thank u for ur great work and persistence ur blessings a store up and ago overflow, u have been on this case even more than the media in Jamaica. I’m really thankful to The justice system in Jamaica for Lamar and Clive family’s safety.

    1. yes fi true BK, met is a blessing to us the jmg metters cuz not everybody appreciates her or her style of keeping us in the know.

      but met, i hope at times when di ppl dem mek u feel like u cyaah badda, a hope u will find strength in knowing that, although wi might no seh it everyday or sumtimes not at all, wi rate di work u are doing and wi no want you fi stop.

      if u check u ip tracker met, u will notice i am on here always, rarely mi log offa u site. all when mi gone bout mi business, di computa deh yah by it lonesome tune in pon jmg same way.

      so metty nuh watch no face, u blessings tall.

      1. Morning :kiss mi so busy mi cyah check but mi know u deh bout because if sinting hot dash late u is r here thank you so much ..Mi tune out the naysayers long time ..If God is for me who??????????

  4. Agree @BK big up yuh self ah thousand percent Met….May God Guide, Keep And Protect You and Your Family always!!…Good Work :newyear :newyear

  5. Met u ever hear dem say woe be unto you if all men like you n ur actions” alright if everybody liked your business of you that means sumting wrong, I’m here ere day all when mi no comment I’m reading sometime all mi workload suffer because mi so caught up but mi just stay back late n do wat must be done
    Met ur a blessing n u have my complete adoration n u know that love mi JMG brothers n sisters all di one dem whey mi haffi cuss out sometime lol

      1. The JCF has surprised me I cannot believe they have done such a good job..Lamar Chow has been given a second chance..Portia di one thing mi can tell u thanks for…Everything they did for Lizard’s family and Lamar Chow has been good..I never knew Jamaica had witness protection services RESPECTTTTTTTTT

  6. Yeaaaa a true I’m pleasantly surprised n this is the key to getting more criminals off the street protect the witnesses n build trust n communication with the public

    1. Chuet di way dem move nice not even Kartel dem did know seh police di have Chow put up neatly dat dem go write fake letter..But it seems as if dem neva read JMG ____________________________________________ because mi did put it

      1. Write fake letter wid all wrong date. The judge just waited for the appropriate time to disclose their dishonesty.

  7. Thank you so much Chow for been brave because I could not have done what you did, Thanks again. My bestfriend and Brother was also killed by this same person; I was hurt but I was really afraid to take any action. I was losing it for 2 yrs straight but my God is willing and able, he works when you don’t even expect it. I have been praying niggts and days for justice but thank GOD again for his great work. Thank you again Chow, I hope GOD guide and protect you and your family and keep them safe from harm.

  8. Good afternoon met, I also want to thank you for keeping us up to date on the murderer case. Chow I hope you turn over your life and pray and beg God to Change you. And lead you in the right path. Chow I dont blame you if somebody kill my bestfriend when me dun sing. Not even celine dion coulda test me … i dont want you to lose a sleep over what happen just leave everything up to God. Just Know that God did ready for Kartel and no human no voodoo couldnt save him.. so walk in peace and stay away from negative people and things go with God And everything will work it way out… all you chow u fi read your bible three times a day.. just like how u no forget to eat, dont forget to pray

  9. Mr. Lamar Chow I hope that you are in good health and know that you are wonderfully made. In this life their is no other life greater than one that is not our own. I am very pleased and overwhelmed with your stance that you took against people who though that you were null and void. Please remember in your going out and coming in to say the prayer that was taught to you. Your life has saved a nation and we all have done things that we are not proud of. We thank you for your wonderful spirit and your part in taking in this. If mi si yu right now mi woulda liff yu up….and mi a woman…..You have a lot of gifts use it. Thanks again God bless you

  10. Lamar chow is a pink tounge liar… and the truth is not in him! !! One day you will meet your maker and he will reject you!

  11. @ the Don,
    Lamar Chow is a brave a strong and loyal man that did what he had to for his best friend that is what you call loyalty, unlike sum ah unnu who deh inna kartel batty like kartel business bout any ah unnu. di bible seh judge and let ye be judged so while yuh ah wish bad pon Lamar just know you will receive the same in return. mark my words fi di whole ah unnu ” NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST LAMAR SHALL PROSPER”

  12. so this a weee fans page right?? de amount of people weee kill in the name of gaza and him turn roun sell out fe foreign and sweets. lizard a murderer….weee a murderer. so wah unno a try say??? same how dem kill innocent wat unno expect dem end woulda be….but luckily 1 no dead him tun informa…..or who I’m i to say lizard dead….a goodah we kill him n sink kartel fe it….free worl boss!!! him go come a road bcaz of all the lies….how unno sleeping at nights???

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