So I have a question… Dave Klans babymother in Tampa the one with the 2 children. My girl you not tired of him f((ing down the whole place because I’m sure you know about the other women. My girl you don’t see he moved the hairdresser girl and her shop closer to him. And baby on the way too. Money running because bout 2 of them buy new Benz n 1 planning to buy big house pan the hills of Jamaica. All his million n ten babymothers need to just throw in one big pot Because them too fool fool.


  1. All right miss hairdresser whey pregnant, I’m sure the Tampa baby mother get you messages now. Tacky bad, some woman should be aware. Same way you get him, same way you lose him. No build your happiness on the back of another woman’s pain. One day that pain will be yours

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    Just to tell her that you’re pregnant and just as fool, neva need a paragraph for that enuh.

  3. Sigh, another honey-pot, stop getting wet for flashy lifestyle ninjas. His name suits him, “Klan.” I hope his CLAN of baby-mamas are preparing for the future. Money might be flowing freely now but history tells us time and time again where these guys end up. Make all you CLAN members have a bank account for each of your KLAN children so that when he’s gone (jail or deported) you don’t have to struggle too much.

  4. He is now f**ng a 23 year old pickney name chin. Bleach out Andrea weh get deport from America daughter. Him nuh cum off a the little gal phone and she nuh ramp fi show people the message them him send har. All picha a him Lickle buddy. Him suck pussy too much duo the gal say him not even say mek him f**k har a few times before him suck out har pussy him just dive in with him tongue.

  5. Me see him a dance the other day with a new gal look like she from out a town, she mussi nuh know him history because she look proud a stan up beside him. She never look like smaddy a breed so whoeva a breed a idiot.

  6. Wait!!! Dave have 3 babymothers in Tampa 2 yardie and 1 bun up lip yankee me and Dave fren use to f**k b4 he get dip he say Dave babymama in tampa with the 2 children from him love run Jamaica work obeah hard on pon people and for Dave longtime Dave a kill his babymama with the 2 children from him with pure bun and use to sleep out pon her she must glad nuff gyals a take her chest pain and std

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