Burgs B Burgs
2 hrs · Highland Park, PA ·
The Brand On Your Outfit Means Nothing If The Brand In Your Heart And Soul Is Not God…GDFB!!!
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  1. Nasty gal sharicka fray weh use to cum a Mobay 2/3 times a year cum tek deferent man go brush yu stinking mouth bitch we all down here waiting on you to beat ur dirty shape bad ass!!! Young gal like yu of to mine man fi dem gi yu a one f**k… Yu tek bad man ,yu tek teef ,yu tek police. Don’t Mek wi hol yu because u two yeye dem ago juck out.

    1. wtf do sharicka haffi do with this post? go vent in a mirror and lowe the gyal this topic is about burgs

    2. bitch uanonymous bad gyal ehind these pink walls u bex, sharicka tek ur man, go clean ur dutty nasty stinkin kids an ur muma pussy dutty bloodclot internet bad gyal, u nuh haffi wait til she come ja, come u know, dutty stinkin mobay bitch or whoever, sharicka pussy mussi still lef pon ur mouth,, abayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coe suck out sharicka n mi

    3. duty stinken gyal come affa mi aunty name she a live betta than u go feed u hungry belly pickney dem u prolly deh a back road a name off the man dem john go chuck through u duty granny we a live good over this side u sound like a big duty cockroach u ugly like and smell stink we nuh need man fi mek we we we have we owna things get that ina u coconut head bitch not everybody like u we nav nuh ambition go get a education u sound like a dumb hoe

  2. Mi know you goodly waa give burgs a good suck hood right now..your name down here is wild bunch bicycle

  3. Why dem dancehall ppl yah always run to God when dem bruckk and loose dem swagg..

    Burgs you have serveral problem why you run to the Church
    —-Tracey stop teck di ppl dem clothes so no more Polo baby tees fi you sport.
    —Tracey tyaad a di bun and hand you Bunn +di cheese and now Madden affi welcome you.

    — Fatman a sing out you name so you ketch you coward an a teck it to the Lord.
    — Kesha Glam decide fi wise up and stop be your puppet so yu have to stick to di Evil you use to.

    —Hello Brother Burgs Tracey still a gi weh di renkin meat so gwann preach while she a dash ouit. You run di woman to next man fi comfat and me cah blame har cause Pastor should not have 3 baby born ina 1 year.. I hop eyou doh tech dis whoremnt o the Church and noculate the Congreation. You will be famous with the DEvil(dancehall) and Jesus (Church)

    I hope you really turn ova you life because that buddy was oh so busy..

  4. Bye burgs he wish he can change. He still a dog cheating on Tracey, that will neva stop. Jus wah day him tell mi man jenieka apartment is his scapegoat wen Tracey ah nag. Good for u jenieker finally move outta yuh aunty house

  5. Dah post yah meck mi craving some curry goat fi some reason. deacon Burgs anybody can tun ova a leaf if dem truly want to. Look like 2014 shaping up to be a year of reflection inna Dancehall. Hall of famers like Kim Possible move on to other things, Burgs tun Christian, who will be next? A wish all those who taking the time out to address their spiritual life all the best.

  6. yes dutty bloodclath gyal go chuck thru u done out madda and come affa mi aunty name she a live betta dan u u prolly a live ina bloodclath gully bitch u pickney dem wa feed go feed the hungry belly pickney dem and yea if mi aunty a tek man a nuh your ugly broke pocket man mi aunty get money she nuh need man fi prospa she good and she no owe no gyal nothing come affa are name uno love itch pon ppl name can bet u a walk bare foot we a push we car so go siddung and lowe r u sound like a dumb irrelevant bitch go educate u stinken self all u know how fi do a open u dutty cratches and tek man

  7. deh ya worry bou if she deh wit burgs u wah burgs big dutty big bird walla belly gyal burgs nuh wa u mi aunty shape wa better than u ugly pig shape self go loose weight u sound ugly and ill shaped u duty and stink go bathe u duty hairy pussy u wa we send u some igenine products duty gyal we a live good we nuh need man fi mek we we get we ona things u walk and beg man we nuh do that man see we and spend pon we ca we look good u ugly piece a shit

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