U know mi siddung a watch this whole habaloo with Spice n the paid escort or friend of a friend she a show off pon di baby FADDA with n all mi can do a smh
Now look how the white man mash we up Spice whey blacka than esapade is acting like this man is a come up spice whey shoulda love alllllllllll things black, and Spice we all know say that man cannot n don’t have the uknowwhat fi stitch ur big cut so no badda wid it.

206 thoughts on “A NOTE TO SPICE

  1. What a way spice did a walk wid so much a unuh pussy mek unuh concern so,spice give dem high blood pressure and brain hemorrhage. I’m so loving this every go mi go on fb you’re the hot topic,keep them talking mi gal.Thanks pink wall, Tina chin and the rest you guys making tink y’all doing her dirty?but her bookings gonna get even bigger now cause she’s the hot topic.f**ng fools.

      1. Really no one does because the way how Spice no stop get bookings from last year I thought she would have make a chain for the Grammy n a wear it round her neck kmt Splice go sit down pls a how much a hour the escort service charge girl???

        1. She always was getting booking but she is no Lady Saw replacement no matter what she think..She cant go near di lining a Lady Saw shoes in talent so as for me Im still waiting for the leading female DJ

      2. No high blood pressure or brain hemmorage here!!!!! Maybe you should gallong ova Instagram because dem nuh stop dun ar ova dere.

        1. She use that babyfather fi every single thing di way how dem use di leffing story fi push her career it wudda mus happen one day..Because they keep putting that energy out there. She mekking har money and as a woman I can applaud that but she cant entertain me and thats just me. The baby father was a fool fi a mek she a use all those leffing argument and him was behind her supporting it just fi push a tune he is spineless so one day Spice wudda bruck that spine fi true..

          1. Ok got it lol I can see him using that argument as a look a next gyal line too, you dont hear sey me and she lef, just lissen xyz song….oh well

          2. _______________________________________ grung but he should cause spice use fi him name mek har career

    1. With all due respects,plz lef out pinkwall ppl dem cuz no body nah look a hype off spice smh.go tek that up with fishlady who a boast that she was the first to broke story that spice n har bf lef!how can spice page be open for the world to see n Smaddie a tek claim to fame sey she break story?? ๐Ÿ™‚ read any post abt spice n u will see the only fascination pinkwall ppl have fi spice,is the levels of disgust she sinks to n generation.gwaan ova desso wid unno effery n starstruck ova a non shining bbc star!!!

    2. Yu favor bloodclaat grine up pimento! bout ‘spice’ bitch go find something productive do. Saw move on and leff yu still trying and a bloodclaat jorge or pedro you come wid fi props :ngakak :ngakak

      try wipe pedro farrid and then wipe you ashy face, bitch you dusky :ngakak

  2. Spice mussi a suck fi yuh pussy fi yuh suh but hurt SPICE a WHORE and a long time she a whore if nicholas go back to all she mon him a idiot but then again yuh cah business inna baby father and baby mother business

  3. Uno need to leave spice alone uno need a bloodclatt life stop watch the gal pussy it cum pon earth fi f**k so mak the gal f**k some a uno who a talk don’t even have a 1000 rite now uno a worry bout spice she have wah she wah uno too bloodclatt nuff and the sender wah a work to sit a watch spice ig page cause fi show uno how spice is a big deal to uno can stop watch out her life hype pon dem spice and live ur good life

  4. Spice’s name is so oxymoronic… She lacks luster!

    A bit off topic… Why do so many dark-skinned women of color feel they have “WON” a prize by dating white men or men of lighter skin tone? Slavery is over in the natural, but it is continuous in the mental for many of us.

  5. Nobody nah watch Spice underneath cause a nuff time har name call pon lesbianism. Maybe a big dildo stretch har out, who knows. White man is di perfect man fi har.

  6. Gu suck uno mumma! And suck yuself u transgender weh operate this site. I bet u fat, ugly n Insecure!!! Y spice name Ina yu mouth su? Yu nu have nu more smaddy fi write bout? She did tell u she was queen of dancehall or wanted to be? U n yu set a assholes on here need fi gu look a life! I can jus imagine how fat n awful u look u met, face full a blackhead n have no significant other! Loneliness a bite yu lol. Foh n Lowe d woman

    1. If mi is a big fat transgender soap and water is my friend. Mek sure Spice tek dem on as dat tuh so we all can get along cause she and dem nah gree. Spice cudda neva seh she waa be queen cause queenship wudda neva fit har so wipe u sweat and go get ina di bading line

    2. Have you taken a real long look at yourself ahem i meant spice lately? Spice need fi f*ck a man name Gym and ride off him elliptical trainer bout 6 times a week…..mi say it already…this is some kinda publicity stunt and mi just a wait fi see what’s next…P.S. your birthday cake was really ugly.

      1. Marie mi waiting fi di song……..But di only reason mi kinda believe is because di pitch by day fly by night and drop dung dem run come in and a comment..They never did that before so something is up

      2. very ugly indeed,for a grown ass woman with all them fandangles and clownery about it down to the color of it

    3. When me see you tek on Met me could only think ‘wait for it’ coz me know she aggo Seckle you good, lol

      1. Is one a dem whey wait patiently fi spice ole bruck dem..Spice cudden feed nor clothe me because a real thread sew my clothes and anything mi nyam it well cook cause mi nuh waa swell and feva blow fish. Tek a needle jook dem a clear a mars dem reach..I know how to cook my food and feed my body cause mi nuh know how Spice go pan stage and come back off ina di same clothes whey she chuck dung har baddie ina…A mus obeah a keep di clothes dem pan har dem better leave me oo..When Spice did start chow cockey pardner she did likkle and mawga nearly feva hungry makitta now yuh can roll har from Portmore to St.Mary cause she nuh stop nyam di swell body food. Mi si she go buy di whole truck full a microfiber comforter.I sleep on cotton my love..

        1. Dwl. My spirit just don’t tek her at all. She never wear anything that look good to me yet. And her hairstyle dem always puzzle me. She’s the only person me see money spending on & look WORSE than when them never have none

          1. Trouble mekka +++++++ maybe thats why yuh spirit nuh zing wid har. Mi si Spice and lady Saw ex assistant was cool even when the woman stop work fi Saw and when Spice si seh Saw done har online she haffi draw fi a lie and seh di girl and Saw a lesbian and she and the woman was cool but she draw har ina di argument and plant a lie pan har fast..Spice nuh easy :ngakak

  7. Dark skin woman get treat better by liteskin men n white men jus like brownin get better treatment frm black men its called opposites attract

  8. All this just remind me of is Ishawna. Walk wid har pussy pon har forehead and f**k down the whole place and hype. And all a di idiot dem weh a jump fi dem and a defend dem…Unnuh see how Ishawna get flop…gwaan watch di same thing a come to da one yah if she nah learn fi calm herself!

    Sidenote, too much a dem innah di dancehall world really nuh hav nuh pussy principle. Find one big money man and guh through, instead a f**k everything weh walk pass and a mud up dem name. Smh!

  9. Badmind is active lowe spice.
    Spice a do mad show and be all over Unu TV n phone screen goweh an lowe her. Live yah spice. Spice black n beautiful n confident in herself goweh lowe her. Gucci pon them an tour pon them yah spice.
    A no spice mek Unu na live!!!!

    1. :hammer BITCH! STOP!

      All me neighbor shih tzu a wear Gucci booties dis morning! plus yu know that dress maker onsie is illegal under trademark and copyright laws…internationally?!

      you tired hoes need to stop being captain pu$$y defenders! onu should become #team bathe and oil dung a bitch# :hammer

    1. When was him eva har manager Simply? Him was har prop :hammer mi cyah badda. Di way how dem use dem good good relationship with children fi push music mi cyah respect Spice no sor nope I just cant. How u deh wid a man and di man a cosign leffing argument…u a pose wid man him a write post bout uno lef and uno dont lef and all of that fi push music? No sah :travel

      1. And a more dan one and two time both a dem do di same thing. It would happen one day cause props haffi change :hammer

      2. A one a dem licky licky man deh if splice did tell him say fi pose inna har gstring fi har album cover him would be ready n u can see say the wicked gal no like when him independent cause she seem like a hold dung artist

        1. Yes choot cause she like control and di man lazy dont want to work and him family dem love di likes a so di people dem seh. Is not everybody whey give kind or do it outa kindness

      3. Celebrities do it a foreign to so wats the issue. Its called publicity stunt everyone in the industry does it. Rolls eyes. Yall jamaicans so small minded man

  10. From Grace announce seh she and Nicolas engaged and mi nuh see she a mek wedding plans from them time there mi a seh something wrong and them both a put on a show just because,no one person nah engage to nobody for 4-5yrs

    1. She tek di man mining training from Lady Saw yes ma’am. But she was mining di man and him family..beat off di man woman fi him and den come bun him..Gwaan Spice yuh ratings up upppppppppppppppppp mmmhm gwaan choo stage queen :travel

  11. Yes mule, we know yu wombless. Spice gots more for u dogshit to b mad about. Transgender Met, u cuda write a million post bout spice she Na stop win. While man a plan God a wipe. U is a big germs weh jus cyah get rid of like guinep stain. D woman bday jus gone n if a did nobody else u wud post hbd but tru spice a mek u have sleepless nights wid har success ur best bet is yo bring her down. N d rest a u useless shitholes hating on spice, gu lost unu head up Ina har pussy! Memba it big as unu claim su unu gu stuck unu head up Deh n lick n suck unu way out!!

    1. If mi wombless a Spice mi strew di womb and gi fi nyam and double womb har up so she run go to pedro yah now fi some breedings..why u mad ?It neva strew good u did waa mi curry it?????????? Night cyah mek day sleepless cause when day bruck night haffi tek a step back and we is day n she a night. What she must do since she is fertile and me wombless, is to stop di media from leaking di big disrespect to har children dem father cause..IT DONT LOOK GOOD

    2. Nooooooooooooooooo a Spice u did not chew n traw out Met womb tru har front u too wicked n lie hairy tongue Spice, splice when u run di man a who ago shave u tongue??????????? Everything unnu tawk bout puxxy spice no dweet cause a ur money meck u have baby FADDA n a drunk u drunk di bwoy n lick him inna him head with a money brick n then rape him stop it splice no dweet man no dweet bout womb less splice regurgitate the many womb u have swallowed cause a dem meck u boasy so

  12. But Spice is an entertainer or a Jamaican public figure so I don’t understand why ppl a come bout leave Spice name out a mouth. If ppl nuh talk about her, she flop. My girl tek the publicity that you were hoping you would get from this whole rent a man story. Unnu fool no f**k, nuh wonder some a unnu nah go far. Unnu notice any weh any of the Kardashian deh, paparazzi deh deh. They’re there because they were called by the Kardashian them self. Without ppl talking about Spice, her career would be where lady Ann career deh.

    1. But Spice loves the attention, no one knew about she and her baby father until she post up picture and mi never even believe

  13. Woieeeee kin ova drop buff hope u and spice enjoy Unuh strew womb as Met seh next time unuh ask fi some easispice curry :ngakak :ngakak Mi wi bring Unuh di suga & wata fi wash it dung….Not, a waan Unuh choke out Unuh rassclaat tripe.

  14. Met mi hear sey spice obeah jcapri and kill har and before she dead lady saw was alway getting a dream of her death the same way that why she go inna church

  15. Met this is fact
    Spice have access to her baby fadda account , the last time a she when in his account and wrote that them lef , to advertise her music. Nicholas no want spice all the mind she mind him . Spice is a user ! Are heart dutty and she badmind. A long time spice a f**k pon him and him just find out . Spice is a whore that walk and f**k like dog . She do anything fi get a hype mi no rate her . She need fi stop run down the rasta bwoy a London because him no want her .

    1. Marie come come :tkp

      one question…we did hear pan yah seh nicholas have woman a england to, how is she doing at this time?

    2. come to think of it,he is not a man of many words enuh if him do post it has to do with cars and bikes.

  16. Met mi a tell u sey this is no public stunt , Nicholas left the bitch fi good , the boy move on and have woman . Are friend Stacey tell me Nicholas show her video with him and gal a f**k fi hurt up spice head

  17. Ok let me clear this up.me and nicholas a best fren,him woman nu deh a no England she deh a USA weh him deh.and yes a him lef spice because she a f**k the ras a England.when him left ja spice not even now him just cut never to return.

  18. NICHOLAS LALL AKA CANAR AKA LEECH.. We all know its u commenting bout best friend n bout Stacy. Spice lef u anu u lef har. Memba she put out yu nasty rawse n yu go kotch a Nxt gal yard a Caribbean estate. Canar memba yu watch spice pussy till yu start look n act like one. Everybody knows d white man is just a face card, white Ppl raw nu BBC! Spice agu f**k till she hear a voice sey f**k no more su canar yu ago dead!! Hungry a kill yu now yu miss spice money su u a try bring har dwn. U is a shithouse, god nu like ugly. Wutliss cooly bwoi memba a yu kids mom. D woman tyad a yu n she has moved on su leave her d fk alone.. Nicolas

    1. Hi …dis is wombless Met here as you said……………………send in the story or mi a go write it and dash it up cause DIS IS HISTRIE

    2. A dis did deh pon yuh chest yuh think a did de admin deh pon it gwaan vomit,the janitor wi cum later fi clean it up,release the suss a it a give yuh semi pressure…suh Spice a put on a show wid the raw meat cuz Nicholas found cooked meat

  19. Good evening met and others,nobody nuh busines bout spice and dont bring tina chin name over ms.met place….we good over yah. Thonks

      1. How u know :hammer mi run up di stairs go get a bakkle and slide right down back…histrie panttappa histrie :hammer

  20. @ talk d damn chute,move yuh pussyhole and guh suh!!!! unuh love come over yah a beat up unuh chest and a try disrespect met. You is a hypocrite cause if yuh hate over yah so weh yah do yah a comment? Spice a pay yuh? You and her a suck each other don’t? Guh suck yuh self nastiness!

  21. Bitch Spice ALWAYS like to go to EXTREMES to get attention. I for one, DO NOT reward desperate attention seekers. Spice cannot even put one of har big triple x size foot inna Lady Saw old dutty slippers to bloodclaat! Middle fingers to all a de keyboard warriors dem who feel sey dem bad. Bad? A smell oonu smell bad from oonu stinking cratches!Oonu fe gweyyyyyyy!!!!!!……set a vagabonds oonu!!!!

    1. Limb dem up but tek time cause is Spice fren dem Vs har man right here pan di pinkwall and di tings is coming out dem fi talk up

  22. As me reading coming down the pon the pink wall ya that story about that pretty Black girl that day in in the car accident in ja. Me hear longtime say is a next female artist end her life ‘ they said it talk in St Thomas that it wos saw ‘ cause saw man wos crazy over she but the girl never wanted anything to do with him . But for sure that girl death cause someone to repent and them tun macka Dimond Ina duppy and flop her big time . Be wise ppl and open eyes something no right spice stop walk & rub up with all those Vial before shows ppl watching .

      1. You know, when I think about it, is Lisa Hype first out Spice on the obeah thing enough Met. After Lisa stand up to them in her humiliation & she dash out how Spice don’t stop use the blue hair to hold down other people. For some reason, from that I knew she was an obeah worker, because all now I can’t see what Saw saw in her to get entangled with minion Spice.

        1. pon a real there was a time weh a blue hair straight inna every style she beat only enuh…all tan bad call har out pon it

          1. Is after Tan Bad gave her the proper dunning she stopped wearing it Simplicity. If I believed obeah had any power I would say she probably obeahedd him to because from that I haven’t really heard about him.

    1. Mi seh every time Macka mention something about har upcoming counteraction or video shoot it guh pon deaf ear and blind eyes….mi all a seh how she look suh she lost weight yes but he off and de teeth jus skin more like kong dog`

    2. Mi say mi stuck tuh @$!#&%รท#ร—+$
      Mi just caah believe Mi say mi typeless. Di only ting Mi can say is &%?&ยฃโ‚ฌ*!#$@รท%&$ร—+รท@$!$รทร—รท$@$. Ppl wicked eeh man an fi wah? mi Bloodclaat no man!!. From Mi drop pan dis post Mi caah lef. Mi know dem tings yah gwan but mi neva know dem tings yah gwan oh gosh man no disappointed jah know. I’m sick :berbusa:

  23. No boo mi say it cause mi peep di name and couldn’t even finish read everything. I did have tell dem nuh bring di name over yah…dem nuh inah dah league yah str8 !! We a back yuh met no worries, we seh pink wall.

  24. Mi Na look pon none uno yeast hole pon ya weh a comment enu. Mi cuss met caus is like spice Neva du nth good yet n she’s d worst. But canar need fi stop send in d woman n mek him bitch comment n style d woman. Memba she feed u n wen she did hungry yu hungry to n cah help. 8yrs!!!! D woman fed up now..

    1. Just talk di tings and when u done talk u can bring mi up mek mi ansa yuh but fi now we wants to hears whats goings downs…A she did want to feed di man so she shudden get tired

      1. Spice did want a man fi feed and bade like she did a run a creech so mi nuh understand why yuh a seh she tired now…All him family dem seh she tek on and a give tings……….tell we bout di rasta man please……

  25. Yeast hole like yu Muma! Today I’m not in the mood to suffer fools. Mi wi buck dung yu bloodclaat when yu violate pussy! Don
    t mess wid we cause de impact of the blow will send yu flying several feet inna de air, before yu plummet back down yu know. When yu regain yu senses (common sense and nonsense), then it will leave you reflecting on your unwise decision to provoke we round ya, yu phucking pussy!!

  26. fed up?!?!? nuh she seh tek gal man nd tek ova by minding him nd him extended,nuh weh she want she get 8 wonderful years inna fi him and him extended sight doah…suh like how dem was common law any plans on half and half?

    1. Talking about 11 years, yuh now if the Hospital in Atlanta did ever get them pay,we saw Gucci get theirs in cash…

  27. Splice that man stuck with u thru the spraying of the gold boots to black him was around when dem give u cassava wata to drink meck u belly high like clothes line splice
    When u trabel out the parishes fi locate obeah man after obeah man who to tell if him nah wine one a di monkey dem to not to mention a him teef the donkey carry fi u ova sting u tooo ungrateful him earn him keep splice worse u a fuxx pon di man every quint him quint splice stop n pay di bwoy alimony man him earn it

      1. :kr dem put mi pon blue wall yellow wall pink wall cause a mi have the key to the romping shop…

        dem nuh stop watch me dem nuh stop chat me cause a mi av di needle eye pum pum pon lock

        note to Spice if you use dem lyrics here mi a go sue yuh

  28. Poor macka oh god car accident nearly kill she in one of those iland promoting die die then she try do vidio with major hype from saw empty har like a water bottle she in the stand still line . You think saw easy dey a ST MARY she come from .

  29. Whatever Spice get from this boy she must tek it, she was like a Coolie duppy in the first babymad’s life. She would torment the gyal day in day out. Nicholas use to beat spice and diss her regularly so why she fi get upset that them part. Spice need fi go repent because God have a piece a beating fi give her wait. Time is the master!!!!!!!!!

    1. ._|\______________________,
      …/ `โ€“||||||||โ€”โ€”โ€”]POOOOOOOW POOOOOW POOOOW
      ._==o ______ _____________|.
      .โ€ฆ;.),โ€”.(_.(__) /.
      …// (\) ),โ€”โ€”โ€™.

  30. I don’t care for Spice, but I am team Spice in this. Unuh have time feeling sorry for the baby father – he was not a man & that’s how women like Spice treat males who are not men. What did he used to do before he met Spice? He & his licky licky family them throw his first baby mother under the bus to run up into Spice simply for likes. A good fi him. How can a man get up every day & live like a hired help for his woman? I would say what I think she should do to him, but I am refraining from using filthy communication – as per the good book.

    1. Then nuh she guh tek him out pon Hire Purchase as final sale Cindy,she war that very ooman who was her socal fren fi him….. suh man she want,mind man and him family she get

    2. Mi is team none a dem because as a woman u dont dis a next woman and dem man and dem seh is Spice used to neatly run Lady Saw head …She too troublesome man..As to di man he is spineless so mi nuh sarry fi him mi ongly waa know is which ooman him did kotch wid a Caribbean Estate.

      1. Same so Spice did go tell Saw seh Lisa Hype call har name, poor Saw a cuss Lisa and Lisa dont know for what..She is a Leo from har hair follicle to har toe nail

      2. dwrcl that ooman mek Spice draw fi rent a white nd purchase yuhself sum things fi mek it luk like a him,i cant wid dem..luk how dem guh Isreal and leave wid out de blessings a de land,a suh dem curse or salt

  31. I get the feeling that 90% of the posts defending Spice and her puzxy are actually written by Spice herself. It’s always the same style and tone and always goes on about how her puzxy was made to fluck.

  32. @ talk d dam chute is spice paying you? Why you coming for met? Met never send fi unuh….weh yuh nuh guh reason wid yuh fren bout her dirty life and leave ova yah gyal? She put her dutty life out deh fi everybody see. Obviously she love attention!!! A attention she waa is attention she get. Now come afa met name as mi say…and like how yuh over yah,i hope a suh yuh deh everywhere else a defend yuh fren weh yah rub cratches wid..ole sadamite gyal!!

  33. I will never forget the time when my girlfriend baby faada get lock up at Old Harbour Police Station and we go dung deh go check pon him and Spice was in the station bawling a say ‘it naah go suh, it naah go suh!’ because har babyfather buss up the whole of her face because she go do ramping shop video wid Kartel. From long time dem unstable and mix up mix up.

        1. Is true met Martel frig spice and they were going to kill Spice cah she go run her mouth. On the regular him use to beat her the babyfada that is Met.
          Spice is a nobody can the landlord did put har out a do house fi the backlogged rent and I know I have said this before

          1. Yes a so mi always hear bout the beating but because mi nuh endorse no woman beating.All when she and Saw did ina war she get beating because Nicholas tell people say everyday she get up pan Saw name so she get a beating fi dat

  34. Like how Mr Nicholas love to talk cause when him and Spice fall out a regular him talk di tings..Nicholas nuh badda scared just send in di tings nuh baddie nuh haffi know :angel

      1. No Simplicity! No parable! Please! Not after what Met did with the Konshens story. Couldn’t tell when last I was that confused.

        Send the message straight Nick you man you. :kiss

  35. Mi nah pick side wid none a dem either met,but wah bun mi a di likkle germs up deh suh….bout “a cuss met” stick to di damn topic,your friend/family life is messy bad!!! A long time dem a talk say spice is a messy bitch! So guh pick yuh battle wid she.

    1. Dem a gwaan like seh mi go ina spice house lift up har million and one comforter fi see what a gwaan under deh..She always messy because she think it cute

      1. Wat a house chakka chakka u know a gooda di one green wall one orange wall one burgundy wall meck peace caaaaaaa inna di house

        1. :tkp
          mi go peep her ig and she buy one truck load a comforter fi go jamaica_________________________________

  36. Met a bare skeleton inna grace Closet , the amount a tings I know , if me was she I would give my life to God . Spice please don’t kill urself , anyone that is close to her please keep a Close eye on her cause a mad gal . That bitch only act like she tuff but she is a baby . Spice u need to repent, ask God for forgiveness. Because if I bust ur secrets ur life done lol

  37. Spice always a chat Nicholas with her friends dem , mi no think Nicholas did nothing . It’s spice fake friend dem a sending her file and a laugh .

  38. Mi cuss anybody! Ole 50 side cutlass met. Mi kno yu fat enu mi can smell it. 2 more yrs n ya 40 n yu fava any retired fish vendor dwrl… Anyways uno a cannibal su all wen uno get fed with d correct info uno still a nyam spice. A su uno hate d woman? D more uno fight a d stronger she ago get. Su all a uno big gum boil weh a bad up uno unknown self can gu drink bleach n eat boric powder. She still got doughs in d Banka ..

    1. Yuh fi cuss di ooman whey bring yuh and di man whey line up him sperms fi go ina di cursed receptacle whey expell yuh. Me and u and spice a fren fi mi be one side cutlass fi uno? Who cares how strong she get? All of it will be to her benefit but it look like u a look a sip a porridge from offa har earnings..If u a smell me yuh a inhale space but that whey u a inhale cyah feed me cause mi nuh nyam scraps and mi nuh wear shingles. Yuh nuh si every time Spice dress she feva dem galvanized roof? Which info yuh coming wid, di one whey seh she did a mine di baby father? Tell we seh she neva a mine him cause we been know that. Mi si him ina red shirt and red shoes mi know a she buy dat clownry

  39. Ok fat wombless mule. I see I’m getting to u lol. No wonder u cah show who u b like Tina chin cause yu full a fault like some factory reject. Hush sour fluff anu spice fault mek yu ugly wit no kids nor a man hahahahhaa. I’m so laughing at ur grater face, bye met . remember God is watching. (I know u were ridiculed as a child, poor thing) ๐Ÿ™

    1. Why do I need to show me when Spice a show fi me she and di whole Jamaica? Mi a me and I dont need to be like nobody but try mek sure when Spice reach back a Jamaica yuh set yuh body ina good position fi get one a di plastic bed ina bag she coming down wid. Mule a good animal it carry load and Spice gwine need one fi carry har soon. Whey u a batta up yuh finga dem fah ?Dont yuh seh Nicholas run outa Spice house go ina Caribbean estate di big gated community? At least him did have somewhere fi run guh..When Spice run yuh where is you going to be? Come outa di man and ooman business yuh too nuff and yuh neva deh deh when Spice a gargle and Nicholas a sip

      1. And FYI, you cant get to me yuh a cocky patrol fi Spice and I have di time so mi a go ansa yuh. Come outa di people dem relationship new market turbit. Di person comment seh Spice bun him yuh run in a talk bout Spice feed cause all uno tink bout a food uno soon nyam ants poison cause uno tink a rice

    2. To assume you know Met is funny as f**k :ngakak all if you know har it nah go change you position as a F***g rat bat :ngakak

      What’s even more hilarious is that de oman is a mother…..bayyyy ole pad yu wrong! She say bring back up har womb so she can bring in a next baby! Then you can go suck de afta birth. :travel :newyear

  40. Spice lives in Caribbean estate too dummy lol. Yu fool sa n mi tink yu did know everything.. As mi seh gn fat girl n d mango dwllll.. Me agu meet spice a airport n collect a comforter fi yu so like how yu spread bed pon har name u can sleep good to. Mi wa know a which cream ya use cau all u a bleach pon spice name yu face still full a spot n black head. Mi done wid u met su ansa all yu want n bite up yuself lol yu still ago fat a mawning n wombless

    1. Who cares where Spice lives? Open up yuh tuff ears cause it look like yuh born breech and come outa di wrong hole..Mi seh mek sure seh YUH have somewhey fi guh cause at least him have Caribbean estate fi go..Fat a good something cause if food short it will come in handy but when soap cyah save yuh and water cannot bless yuh mi love yuh cursed. Go get di plastic comforter and see if yuh can sweat out whey yuh sweat in yah todeh. If yuh consider Spice slim mi nuh have a ting fi worry bout mi love cause di whole a we can be jelly baby togedda. Remember Lisa Hype seh a nuh likkle try Spice try fi bleach and di bleach seh not today or tomorrow……..suh if all like me have black head and like how me and bleach a nuh enemy…dere is hope out dere foh me ..and mek Spice bring up back mi womb fi mi please cause if she neva eat it u wudden have all dis talk todeh…Ah feed mi did a try fi feed she :angel

  41. Met, if food or feeding is used by the Spice defender it is none other than Spice herself here being obnoxious & making a fool of herself because that cursing people about food & feeding them was why Tan Bad done her back then. Hey Spice *waving*. Waste no more time arguing down Met.

    1. Cindy omg u right oo..Mek she go sleep pan di shipload a plastic whey she dus buy outa burlington chuh :ngakak

  42. @Talkdetruth, you are a slimy cunt! Mi think yu did done but yu come back. Yu come back fe enjoy yu temporary moment of glory of being a wussy. A dogshitters like you mek man invent abortions! Die bitch! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. BULLSHIT !!! Not even reading these comments. Such boldface news to tell people WHO she should date and have fun with. PURE F**RY . Some Caribbean men are the most violent, DYSFUNCTIONAL, non committed bastards u can ever come across !
    Talk to several of my sistrens who have been screwed over, beaten , cheated on, or defrauded by them !

    Do to tell a woman like Spice , who draw fi she OWN cards, is bull bull shit !
    Spice NEVER said the man is a come up !
    Go siddung !
    She look great and she is HAPPY for that moment… So let’s bash her … Correct ?
    MANY CARIBBEAN MEN ARE UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE EXCEPT WITH THEIR COCK, so a man shows her affection and attention, she has sinned?

    This is not a bashing of Black men but MANY of dem loser men need to CHECK HOW WICKED and unloving they deal with women, so when we draw fi a next card, no one should chat.

    The man who treats you with RESPECT and the BEST, showers you with attention, THAT IS THE MAN YOU FI CHOOSE.


      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        this mussi from one a de dancer them cause from morning she ova yah a gwaan wid a bag a ntn nd she mussi tell dem guh ova deh guh help boost mi up

          1. dem get tired a the recycled me not brand new third wear poop inna clothes dem nd de lack a payment,she mussi did a feed the nd think that alone wuda hold dem

        1. I suspect a de mawga one from the video when she get lick wid table.

          She muss a chaw grace pussy tongue fi so active like oj lawyer dem did active.

  44. A nasty mermaid send talkdetuth fe come eat out met womb .Tina China with the her stinking lean mouth bottomless p*****sy wey everything fall out of and stink up every hotel room from Bronx to Queens . Mermaid a friend u looking friend from spice you both need a good shower you both look mudd up ALWAYS.

    1. :travel

      wait a ice truck or a leak’n dog wid it many trails luk ere admin come get yuh peeps dem yah man :ngakak

    2. U know mi feel so fi real real Tina Maytag whey every whey pon u a sud like u sign contract wid sudsil y u dweet it y u a teck set ova here???? Tina Maytag did u know say puxxy bottom side nor rim no sell ova ya???????? No sah u fi stop Tina ur stories ain’t hitting n ur page ain’t trending wat u lost cannot be found here n wat u need is not in stock goodbye man

      1. Chuet a nuh it oooooooooo..splice is here so mi feel seh a di fren deh cause mi do some likkle checks..mi mind tell mi a di fren whey dus dash up whey day seh har man is a batteyman and dem did deh pan flyer. She still here reading oo

        1. Haha…. Dwl a di next one weh did kiss har friend. Ms Pamputaze lol oh gosh so man a shit up dem pussy an dem a f**k ooman. Oh Jesus!

  45. Dem too tormented man mi well want to cuss that one so di while a dem can go Nyam shit , den Metsy a Burlington spice go buy out di while a di plastic sheet dem ppl ppl be careful mind unnu turn two time inna di bed n it ketch a fire cause plastic bun fast

  46. Ok…so if Spice is talk di damn chute we tanks u for confirming that the white man aint yo baby/boo/bae since he is a face card and him raw nuh bbc!!! It would also mean that all of your captions are lies as well. i.e enjoying my new life YUH NUH TYAD FI GET KETCH INNA LIES??? WHY U SO DAMN LIE????

    Stay worried bout MET because a nuh she live a Caribbean Estates and a grind off Canar….you worried bout tha wrong damn things. @MET yuh see how she a try draw yuh out…wonda if she think ar obeah strong enough fi infiltrate chue ar WIFI….

  47. I read all 100 and add comment. But u kno some spice out a orda. U never know when u tie man dem beat u till u release them. It comes with the price.

    Met u have time a ansa it. My granny always day when pple deal with obeah them have this shine look. U she how spice always look greasy.

    Ms. Fab

  48. Spice Mi neva know say a so yuh life messi. Spice Mi naw lie everytime Mi hear Yuh songs it naw go be di same fi me God know. Times b4 when yuh name did call pan pink wall Mi laugh but dah one yah from Mi a read from yessiday Yuh have Mi come back all dis mawning. Dis caah fix spice. Di glass pieces too small. Oh Jesus spice a how Yuh dweet? Mi know a menstrual comment Mi a mek but SPICE! Why? Mi lose off a Yuh an mi nuh know yuh but mi know yuh. Goddam it spice Yuh need to do what Marion did turn yourself in. A how unnu lay dung a night and lock unnu yiy?

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