HMID goodnight pinky I was just scrolling through the gram when mi start add n put two n two together after ending up on both these ppl pages mi get fi realise seh Stylo G and Amoy Townsend deh ? Mi know my eyes nah deceive mi seh a di same balcony dis dem tek pic pon inna Dubai. 


🤣 woiiiii mi understand this whole Lisa being spiritually in love with the world boss thing now.

7 thoughts on “A NUH ME SEH IT STYLO

  1. After di spectacle wid him n him baby madda mi lose offa him as a artist Caz a child was involved.

  2. @Careesha Please …The time you take lose offa him. Him and him baby mother and child ah make tik tok video and live good😂😂 after dem done trace. Cyan really follow up baby father baby mother drama.

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