Look what you’ve done!
I’m a Starboy!!!


Hello Met,

Take a look at these pictures on Daily Mail and check out some of the comments. Bolt has been in Australia for two weeks now.


She’s gorgeous

Wow she is stunning. What a smile

she’s very pretty

Usain Bolt the fastest man alive, still running from Cassie. Sooner or later your going to have to return to Jamaica to face her wrath for breaking her heart and publicly humiliating her over and over again.

Once could have been enough. She had time to leave him, no?

Cassie sticks around because of that money.

Good looking, charming man but boy, I wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole, the amount of women he has slept with, I’d be afraid I’d catch something.

Bolt has got one thing on his mind and it isn’t athletics ……. to be fair I don’t blame him


  1. Big up yuhself Bolt, yuh a real star boy fi true. a gyal caah sleep wid yuh bredda and expect fi get wife treatment.

  2. No wonder you love Australia Bolt, gyal look good still mi nah lie. While miss “first lady” deya a boast bout G wagon like shi have money fi maintain 130,000 US dolla car, like shi a one of the Kardashians weh shi idolise, before shi ask yuh fi house, land or a business.

  3. When it cums tuh Kasi nd Bolt I honestly don’t give a phuck cuz neither of them clearly don’t either,some ooman just see what they want and no matter how bad it luks tuh others they truly care not what they think cuz they have their eyes on a prize nd they not stopping till they get what they wanted in the first place..whether it’s a child (if they break child support a marriage (if divorce an alimony) so she knows what she knows nd don’t care what others think they know

  4. Guys in sports like white woman, then them trap them by getting pregnant and eat out them rass, just because a the kids. The is several beautiful and successful woman in Jamaica, why him can’t find one and settle down.

    1. We successful, but we never reach by playing cock games.

      Gal like cassie dem don’t understand perseverance and the will to achieve on ones own terms, so man mascot they will always be.

      Watch bolt a demands back him Gwagon key….lol no boui can never tek MY things or pack MY bags for relocation…no day,no time :cendol

  5. Kasi, nobody nuh sorry fi yuh again, when yuh first send in yuh story to Daily Mail everyone was on you side, now all a dem a seh yuh a gold digger, I hope yuh get something out of this situationship and stop think cheap bout yuh want car, get something of substance, something you can live off when this thing ends.

  6. Forget di 2 a dem….unnuh read di comments pon Daily Mail!?

    Dem British ppl deh hav a rathid sense a humor, a bere laugh mi deh yah a laugh!


  7. Ummm… WHY are people calling the chick in the pic “beautiful” wen ar face nah show. Me sure if a did one DARK skinned chick pictured from the same angel nuff woulda seh she UGLY MUGLY an all sorta tings smh… Brainwashed fools. Bolt him soon start itch.

  8. But did U all forget that is usain brother first kasi use to f**k then there comes Mr brinks usain years after with his money and say my time nowNasty kasi how can you sleep with 2 brothers

    1. Bolt a jancroe and shouldn’t venture in a him bredda gungo walk. If him did have much bout him kasi would never have had a chance with him.

      Usain Bolt is a low down animal. Kasi just being a rare whore to a joncrow.

  9. But Kasi was with a very nice lawyer guy name Kris-Anthony Turner on FB,I think his mother is some big president a UWI, the boy is very decent and educated from a well off family and she leave that guy jus to publicly humiliate herself but she also did that guy a favor cuz she wouldn’t deserve him.She deserve exactly why she is settling for, Kasi is one of those uptown germs, nothing more nothing less.

  10. Kris-Anthony was far worse fi har cause him gi har bun til she weak. All a dem man deh just make di girl give up an just sit dung wid Usain and take the bun. Dem mess up har self esteem

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