met, you put to the post with tita under ‘new york dancehall’, that’s
wrong. she actually live here in jamaica. she owns a lounge by the
name of La Bliss, on eastwood park road. what i have gathered sofar is
that, she and the girl in the picture went to panama a few weeks ago.
they were having some business conference there and they were hired
to provided their services to both males and females. tita called it
‘meet and greet'(LOL). their next big trip is dubai. tita is the one
without glasses, she and kim wierdo(wannabe dancehall artistee) was
very close. they are now distance friends and i think its the
lifestyle, that she’s living, that can be attributed to that distance.
tita has a group of girls that provide services to a high clientele
here in jamaica. she uses the lounge to attract these clients.


  1. Again Again that’s why mi nuh grudge anybody fi whey dem have. @ Simplicity yuh right nuff a dem soon guh Dubai and not to return

  2. Too many people are underemployed,” meaning they’re either jobless and hunting for work; working part-time because they can’t find a full-time job; or want a job, Tita have looked within the past year(s), but have now given up on searching.
    Tita realizes that she will not fit in a 9-5 work schedule. She look at her body and said “hey, why not sell some pusci”!! I rather her in this entrepreneur than scamming!

  3. Morning met and metters, yes met i agree wid yuh as long as d money naa mind man an yuh muma house lean to onecside an yuh put yuh daughter in d orostitution game to ..lawwd thses wman dangerous. Met us cause the pple dem wey kno d tings dem.pon d endz dnt have internet an some caan rwad an write i hear some tings dis week ya ..someold gual tink d highedt point inna dem.kife is fe introduce dem gual pickney to prostitution

  4. Bare typo** but unu undastan a is patwah …i cudda never be inna my right mind a walk a whore fe mek young buoy comfortable den put me daughter an me neice in d game ..no sah dese pple different . D same smady me talking met from dem time a dat a guawn everybody pon d endz a wobder if she tink a so smady hype..big disgrace

    1. people know har business all wid di dog dem seh she gwaan like she nice but she is a nasty hoe and a mine di bway wid di money

      1. And you know the sad part of this is, these girls whore out themselves and mek man duh all manna ah things tuh dem body…and not even ah doctor’s appointment, much less a box of douche or vaginal products…do they even purchase to show some type of gratitude to their vaginas for all the hard work it puts in for them..not even…

        1. No she a put di money to use she get di bar money from bahamas mi a wonder if is a franchise she waa open now she reach a dubai :tkp

    2. Is one thing to talk about her but don’t try to hype up the story and add lie to it fi Mek it look worst than it is about introduce her daughter and niece to prostitution because that a just straight lie, no do it , talk all you want about her just leave the kids outa it please because you can’t validate that story about daughter of niece

  5. D woman put her daughter an neice pon plane gone a small island gone sell ..now if i was a prostitute i would be doing for my children’s to have an education ..she bring d sister dem inna prostitution an now d neice an fe her own, dats why pple must not see pple wid dem tings an grudge ir feel no way cause hiv an ebola a kill nuff a dem silent ..man a pose inna big house an bed wid gadget pon fb wey dirty money buy before him go look wuk some old gual waan beaten.. she training d younger ones now to bring in money

  6. Is laugh d pple dem a laugj after she d mumma an sister dem..she hate one a her daughter but d one she put on d plane she love dat one..ne say d gual noh learn dem poor an dnt got nutten an before she save she just a sell her soul an a still a play big ..when she walk all bout a small island an eat girls i hear say she say shes not lesbian is part if the job lol

    1. Yes and she tink di people dem doe know…debbie di people dem seh fi ask u why when u carry in di man dem ina u bed di dog know fi jump up pan di bed wid di man dem…u likkle dirty dog u..disgraceful

  7. I hear say few months ago police run in an.lock up one a d bredda fe murda an wen dem call har fe d lawyer money she start blow short causen say de money caan share lol. An d gual wicked enoh cause she got bout 2 handicap nephew wey all need meidication an dem tings an a man she mine all dat buoy tomach an consceince trang

    1. u know mi a go dash it up because all di bwaay worthless.when har husband come him haffi tek whey himself..worthless likes lover

    2. Mi confuse an a wonder who you talking about, Tita or Debbie ? Tita has one 13 yr old daughter, 1 brother that don’t even talk much less fi charge fi murder

  8. She deadly met she musi got dig fetish cause a england fus d whiteman leggo d dog dem.pon she an a gual.name tina an tina call.police wen she get wey but debnie was cool wid it an dat a dojey yrs ago she is possessed by some bad spirit .. an yes met i hear say she an d obeah woman a rose hal is best fren is dere har mumma go fe kill pam lool si d licky licky buoy goodly well tie up an wrap up .. she wey use to say she obeah damginal gual

    1. email mi and send in di tings mek me add wha mi know yah now..dem seh di dog jump up pan di bed like him know him fi be part a di act

      1. Metty, yuh know seh dogs are very territorial…right? ..and they love to mark their territory by :shutup: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  9. Wonda how ar long time parri dem nah roll wid ar the makeup artist and the oda one weh a try Mek it inna dancehall. Rotfl Lawd tita gwaan tru…suh yuh done wid the bar now?

    1. wait dehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is how old she is?? because a tink a knows hur____________________________________ no mnl

    1. ______________ A LONG TIME SHE A DO DIS…FROM BAHAMAS TO JAMAICA mek mi :tkp so she reach dubai now?______________________________________________
      mi gone now a weak :tkp

  10. met, tita did inna one of ‘shirley’s’ video dem……name ‘don’t diss me’..she started out as a video vixen(lol)

  11. You go girl. She meet the man on tango and it look like its really working out just be careful because girl because them man da a man people. Them will take u away. Them mad.

  12. @met she just put up another white man pic on IG and say she’s da a Norman Manley international airport so wish is it JA or Dubai

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