A rape charge against businessman and noted JLP activist, Don Creary, has been dropped.

The case was discharged in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week Thursday after the prosecution asked that a no order be made in the matter.

The prosecution said that the complainant left the island, and that it is unlikely she will return.

They say the crown has no means of contacting her.

Creary was charged with allegedly raping a 19-year-old woman in an apartment in Meadowbrook, St Andrew in June 2015.

He is still before the courts along with his co accused 22 year old Shaneke Williams on another rape allegation, involving a 15 year old girl.

He’s accused of having sex with the girl in a St Mary apartment after giving her alcohol.

Miss Williams is accused of enticing the 15-year old girl to the apartment and engaging her in sexual acts.

According to the Police, Mr. Creary entered the room and engaged both females in sexual activities.

Both are to return to court Wednesday for a committal hearing to determine whether there’s sufficient evidence for the matter to go to trial.


  1. Saw her in fiction in VIP like she a smaddy waday yah! I naa forget last year dem send a indian girl to trail me in the bathroom at Ribbiz bout dem a watche all night and know.seh.mi deh deh wid mi man smh nastyness smh!

  2. I saw than shanique girl at sovereign we have day a laugh like she nice…I gave her the fakes the grimace rapist bish

  3. What bothers me is uptown’s reaction to don creary, his wife, and shaneke. I do understand that people are innocent until proven guilty but for years there have been whispers in and around upt about the things they do. upt still accepts them like nothing happened and nothing is going on. call me badmind but when I see people still mixing and mingling with them its annoying. Ifa poor person was accused of the same thing upt would be screaming to lock him up. but i guess thats how it always goes. tavares finson daughter get herself into a whole heap and everyone pretends like it didnt happen

    1. I thought it was just me. Everytime i see this pedophile rapist and his loyal female supporters by his side i.e. wife and concubines at parties, at functions, at political events, on the social pages it irks the hell out of me. It disgusts me. Its not like their activities were ever secret and everybody still clinking their champagne glass with them. They should be ostracized. But this is Jamaica, rape and child molestation aren’t that big of deal.

      1. Hit the nail right on the head. Every time i go on the upt party pic sites (Skkan sleek etc) he’s still in the parties having the time of his life and society still taking pics and breaking bread with him. upt cares about molestation and rape when its not one of them doing it

  4. why is anyone surprised! remember some of the biggest rapists and pedophiles are the ones in parliament legislating laws, why do you think the so called age of consent is 16?,,,,,, yes 16! :travel

  5. Mi see the two of them in fiction all the time. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that anything will come out of this.

  6. Stick a pin, left the island and unlikely to return and crown can’t contact. I seriously pray to God that they paid the girl and her family hush money and not anything more sinister. That’s toooooo sketch to ignore.

    Kmt, what a big old man like you doing with a 15yo? Wife just as disgusting.

    1. if she lucky they gave her money for the ticket…im more leaning to the girl and her family being threatened….”unlikely to return” sounds like someone is afraid to come back

  7. These 2 still having the time of their lives, but do not think everybody giving them a slack ppl still scorn dem like me and that girl cant hype too hard cuz dem will dun har wid it and all she do a guh bawl, dem jus a try look pan “the bright side” i guess.

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