12 thoughts on “A WHA DO LOUIE RANKING?

  1. Yes Met mi glad dem send in dis ole long time stay bad man a make dis shotta and belly movie and djKhaled whea a gwaan like him a God a try resurrect di dead,mi friend show mi louie rankin instagram page when mi look mi si dis man wid one wul heap a ensees round him neck just a klunk klunk bout him Bigga dan Bob Marley cause Bob Marley neva make movie him a get too bright and gone far yah now man

      1. di way di man a drink the 40oz like him thirsty u know him neva pour out a sip fi him homey dem who pass on, it aint no fun if homey don’t get none.

      2. Met inna him mout fava when board house bun dung!!!! When boardhouse bun dung n u see bare likkle piece a board when blackkkkkkkkk n a fight with the flames ole drunk already shit kmdt

  2. A buss out a big dutty laugh.. The way the mix up dem sweet met a 603 am now and a from five me up.. The way the mixup sweet pan u website mi wouldnt lay down inna me bed.. A di carpet me deh laydown stiff a read.. Mi say everyread mi read me me haffie tun pan me side.. Rodigan and lousi have me a shake inna the spring season yaa :travel :ngakak

    1. an dem gwan like usain a star and only him can generate clicks never see a usain post reach dem levels, or nice suh

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