42 thoughts on “A WHA DO MARVIN?

      1. MET just a wap wap wap dem like the chick inna Kill Bill …what a peice a set dem tek pon di wall tiddey :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. As di post put up dem reach pan it and a ask how it reach..how dem reach ina di post so fast? Dem tuh much now man

  1. Him and the current girlfriend is a raaasss joke …. What goes around will come around and she will b the one with a Instagram post like this and getting tagged… Y would u air out someone u spent 14 yrs with on social media. And a long time di 2 a dem a drop hints that them a f**k, yrs now

    1. If mi laugh mi Kim ova in yah tonight :ngakak :ngakak. So how come a same knife wah stick goat ago stick sheep Mi always a hear dwl…. So a any animal Yuh can use in dis phrase… Yuh funny nuh f**k___

  2. Good answer Met!
    What I am most confused about is why ppl call him a “dancer?” And clearly he’s the one hurting.

  3. Yes Marvin you kept telling the world you loved one woman and the world know that you are in love with many MEN.

  4. He get his papers and cut, as well all expected to go lay up with dog face Nickeshia…….hope he don’t think he can file for her cause jet blue don’t allow pets

  5. He is only acting he is use to showing for the crowd. I’m not 100 he wrote this message and if he did he miss her… The excitement is fading fast it’s not secret anymore lol.

    1. High five and a big hug. I’m here thinking wait this not adding up. Mind you is not just the one daughter he has SOO. She has been teking bun for a very very long time. Not to mention the amount of YEARS he’s been hiding and ducking with Mrs.DHQ.

      1. marvin has one daughter my niece, he’s been on and off with lisa for 14 years when he met his baby mother lisa was just a side gyal who use to spend pon him. the baby mother was his wifey until lisa start harass di gyal and when she get pregnant lisa use tp disrespect her from a distance never tp her face. eventually the baby mother get fed up and walked away. marvin went to jamaica and they revoked his visa and he got stuck the baby mother was done with him and he decided to marry for papers. the next little girl he post his his wife neice, not his kid.

  6. Kissing my dam teeth.. Big up yourself . I love your comment. Mek dem move dem bloodclaat an gweh! Ole fish dem

  7. plz, he is not hurt. and mi hate wen u leave dutty man and dem talk bout ur friends u a listen to u see. no fool, she just grew up and grew wiser, and walk weh from you.

  8. Wow…i dont know what transpired in their marriage but as a married women, mi loose offa yuh marvin. It’s no way yuh just break up with your wife and every sec a you & the sumin deh up pon ig a pose up. I can see from you being exposed around the world with your crazy antics the “2sec of fame” getting to you.you have a daughter for gods sake weh yuh claim seh yuh love soooo much! Stop humiliating your wife like that!!! A niggas like you mek man chat seh woman wicked. Because if she fi guh duh you sumin now yuh hear seh how she wicked & yuh nah talk weh yah duh,all yuh duh is wine up yuh likkle tiki tiki self pon every careless gyal weh allow you to degrade & disrespect them. That girl strong fi put up wid yuh f**y suh long. Cause all you need a bax wid some fat gyal bloomers. Bright and tink like!! I dont know di girl & mi hurt fi her. Keep yuh head up naby girl, not the end of the world doll.

  9. Marvin if it is true that you left the wife because you want to marry this other woman to give her papers that’s a damn shame… Do you really have your documentation in order and you are a citizen of the United States did you go to the hall of justice and swear in like everyone else??? Because filing a paper and getting a green card it doesn’t end their because that card can be taken away just as fast as it was giving to you… You are not secure in the united states until you are swore in and giving your citizenship certificate papers… Let your ex wife move on with her life and stop making her a topic you got what you wanted from her now it is time for you to move on… I hope the wife do not look back at the piece of sh*t that you are, you are no dancer all that you do makes no sense whatsoever and I do not know what people even entertain your antics and why young men in Jamaica want to follow in your foot steps makes no sense whatsoever to me… Get a life Marvin and leave the ex wife alone already show and give her the respect she deserves because she helped your punk a**… IJS

  10. This fool marvin let me tell you all this Marvin a pussy him an my friend use to into something .him call manta and tell her he has problem and he wants to go to ja to chill out she book him the ticket ,when she see what’s going on ig with him an nickeisha she ask him what’s up him tell her to leave him the f**k alone dog face marvin, never him wife alone. marvin f**k around these women. And nickeisha stop Dm manta .

  11. Him treat the wife like shit and put the DHQ gyal pon pedestal after she skinout her hole a nightime

  12. He should feel shame, bout he is posting such f**ry, I don’t know how a woman stayed with him 14 years, he never act like a married man at all….


      When people stop talk bout him and put him ova yah watch how fass ppl figet him. All dat fame get to him head now him diss di poor naive Wife who stoob by him when him did a starve an fava peel head Jancorw. We leave him to busy Panty Nickesha. You no see fi har baybbyfadda leff har and teck weh him self from she start teck every crew. You notice she don’t even have the pickni 3 days a week.I don’t blame di baby fadda keep your pickni from round dem Sodom and Gomarroh lifestyle.

  13. he got what he wanted out of the relationship, it tok him a while to get into the states even though the been married for a while. He had other issues which she had to pay all these fees to get him cleared to have him here with her and this is what he turned around and do. yes all her friends have been telling her his is no good to her an means her no good but what do they say “love is blind” and this is the Thank You she gets in the end. she have to do whats best for her and stop worrying about him at this point, what he posted is very disrespectful for someone who is your WIFE. have better morals than that and deal with the matter in a better way. the only sad part is her friends are right he got what he wanted and wants to make a big scene, why didn’t he leave from years ago when her friends been saying that you are a please of shit and USER. she feed, clothe and shelter you. and this is what your ignorant ass do in the long run. BUT GOD IS ALWAYS LOOKING A PERSON ACTING AND HEAR THEIR WORDS, YOU ARE A BIG USER. I KNOW YOUR NEW FOUND LOVE AND GIVE YOU AND LOVE YOU LIKE LISA DID. IM SURE YOU WOULD FIND ANOTHER LIKE HER.

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