A WHEY DI???????

Met Goodafternoon
Met there is no way in the world anyone can tell me them love them self and do this..What in the name of primary and secondary colors is this???? Then she have the nerve to post it this just goes to show the lack of self love that people have for them self and how much society can pressure people..Have a mind of your own and don’t let the Nikki chromaz and Krissiis and apples and bobbette fool Unu stay true to Unu color


26 thoughts on “A WHEY DI???????

  1. Before pic! The after pic looks like when vybz Kartel just started experimenting the mortician’s chemical formulas in his hay days :berduka

  2. Wha people don’t understand is that when them bleach they don’t have the same color as someone who is naturally of a lighter complexion kmt come on dark skin females Unu fi do Better man a stop follow the in crowd

  3. She looked so much better before. Smh ladies and gents as well ur dark skin is absolutely beautiful, I wish they would realize an see what I see. Dont you see that things are not like back in the day, whites are trying to get your complexion beacuse it everything, they are trying to be you as well, just realize this and be yourself.

  4. @Simplicity yuh comment mek mi blood run cold lol (mi hate grung lizard suh till). :cd Needleye what on earth is a Christmas duppy :ngakak I swear ur comments dem av mi belly cramp up more while.
    She looks so much better black. A wah do dem girl here man, a disrespeck wi nice clean melanin.

  5. Anon 1:59…Please stop it don’t even speak on Jamaican men we shouldnt care what men in general like or prefer this all boils down to self hate..I love myself enough to know that as dark as my complexion is if a man love me him love it to and if a man approach me and seh “baby mi love yuh but yuh need fi run or turn complete browning” then mi have all right fi send him back up inna di deep,dark,warm and lonely ole of him madda because I love myself and I love my complexion man nuh have a ting fi do with self hate…

  6. Hmmm, :nerd now, mi cannot seh fi sure but a preliminary examination would suggest one chemical experiment gone wrong. Very wrong….

    Shi fava one ah dem lab rat. A sick one.

      1. We can start with Bimma No Genda…fi shim transformation is unlike any other…from a dark skin no genda to a grey skinned no genda

  7. Self hate is a disease. She look worse after. But we live in a world that determines beauty for you and if your not strong and have a good family foundation you jus get f**k!

  8. Met i second that idea that anon@ 4:30 said. I seen a before pic of happle and was totally shocked the transformation is dramatic!

    1. I saw an old video with Apple at one of Flippa’s party my eyes draw breaks! Di gyal naturally ugly! Her nose is not so bulbous anymore smh surgery princess

  9. She looks way better before, nice piece a ass dey. mi would a dey with har when she black, hands down. full stopp!!!!!!

  10. @Anon 1:59pm, a who response bout weh Jamaican man tink. If a dat mek she do fi har self suh dat sad. Some woman gwaan like man is all. But some ppl bleach chue falla fashion to, and various other reasons which is sad.
    Lol @Fly on the wall’s comment

  11. Jamaicans are the most color conscious people you will ever encounter, so I’m not surprised of this self-hating bytches transformation. Sometimes when you’re talking to your typical run of the mill Jamaican you hear them say certain self destructive things about color that makes you feel like you’re talking to a field slave on a plantation. Most of the men you see bleaching their skin, do it because the women are sexually submissive to lighter skin and I’ve seen it play out time and time again in Jamaica. Lighter skin people are viewed as more attractive, that’s the consensus amongst Jamaican people whether they admit it or not…. I guarantee you that atleast five people she knows view her more favorably than when she had her natural beautiful black skin…

  12. @Anon10:26pm…I hear you…but I bet you she and the five least people who applauded her for looking good AND N-E-BODY who says the “bought” complexion looks better are pathetic, delusional and ignorant.

    I cannot fathom why would someone in their right frame of mind could be so evil to themself!

    Heavenly Father if yu nuh bissy stop in a mi likkle island, Jamaica, do?

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