5 thoughts on “A WHO WRITE DIS FI GULLY BOP?

  1. Willing to put my head on the block n swear a must chin write this fi bop.she have her likkle ways but still…

  2. lawd gully u not of interest to the feds, ignorance is a hell of a thing stop draw attention, a one smaddy everyone suspect, u better find obeah man, cause she a gwan like a she tek u outa gully

  3. I doubt it’s Chin, from the comments on his page, he could be talking about Amari. He’s chilling with a woman name Olive so maybe a she write it. I don’t know none of these people just assuming.

  4. How Chin fi write it when she cant even write a sensible post fi har self, she a struggle fi spell an a write f**y kmt, draw fi a next name plzzz.

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