1. Now these are the kinds of things young people should be doing, hanging out and skylarking with a meaningful purpose behind it; the young man weh lead wi into service is hilarious and full up ah nuff good vibes…good job guys, ya’ll sound great! :rate

  2. Trust me each one of them future is very bright! Met absolutely divine! No award na gi weh fi the best site inna di world cause u know JMG haffi inna di vote 5 stars JMG. Met u r awesome u gi we di good di bad and di uglllllllies 5 stars fi JMG. Met give ur self a pat on the shoulder u r amazing!

  3. Tears came from my eyes god bless and protect them I wish all kids was like this you can tell by there attire and attitude they act like young woman and man they take pride in themselves ambitious set of group not like these non ambition dancehall,social media ignorant bitches in the box and if they see these young girls dem would a say dem look like old woman and nuh hype dunce idiots and no future god plz cover them

  4. Wow now that’s talent them tek me back n mek me remember my high school choir practice days no u chube back then but thank god for modern day technology. Dem harmony on point!!!!

  5. Tears came from my eyes god protect and guide them omg these are young woman and man I wish these hoodrat in the bronx could see this is how they should carry themselves you can tell they respect themselves by the way they attire you see the difference, dem look refine bronx rat dem look old dun out dont even look dem age its sad they dont know what they missing not been and acting there age

  6. @ no joke a Weh mi fi do fi get them lovie characters deh mi love di one met always a use mi love c di bike a ride Weh wen mixed up sweet.

    These youths DONT need NOTHING from Vegas, they have already been blesses, santctified and dipped and covered in the blood of Jesus Christ.
    What a TALENTED BUNCH OF CHILDREN!!! You can FEEL D POWER in this selection.
    EACH VOICE STANDS UP ***STRONG *** and belt out powerful notes and delivers beyond belief.
    What a POSITIVE, (((( CLEAN AND UPFLITING MESSAGE)))) to the young school age children of today’s world.

  8. My heart is happy going to bed, it’s absolutely amazing how the simplest thing can make a difference. No instruments but the beautiful voices so wonderful to witness. May God continually bless them

  9. Met, dem have nuff talent and you can feel Gods anointing on dem. Their voices collectively and individually touched my soul. It also reminded me that our young people living in the Caribbean (despite a few bad apple) are well prepare to take their places on national stages. Whether it’s in the arts or sciences. The sad reality is they lack the opportunities that is necessary for success afforded to most citizen in i.e. Canada, America and even England and protected by our elected officials. In Jamaica and for the most part the entire region it’s citizen cannot expect the same.
    I do thank God for You tube, inexpensive cellphones and cameras but most of all I grateful for the internet. Without them I would probably never had this experience: and who knows someone with the right connection might see what most if not all of us feel when we listen to these kids.

  10. These kids show sey There is hope for the young generation in Jamaica… I just want to congratulate them on their positive vibes and hope they can inspire more kids…,Bless.

  11. I saw this today on fb it gave me goosebumps I am so proud to see that young adults in this fashion breathe of fresh air

  12. I am so proud I want to cry, to God be the glory great things he has done. After seeing so many negative videos of Jamaican school kids twerking and doing all kind of crazy things in the classrooms this is a refreshing change. God bless them with a very bright future and I will definitely be praying for them. Jamaicans we still have a lot to be proud of and this just remind me that it’s not all bad kids that is in Jamaica base of most of the facebook videos out there, their are still good and well behaving children in our country. I am happy just seeing them.

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