Twenty-five-year-old Vaswani Smith of Rum Lane, Kingston, died yesterday as a result of stab wounds he received during a dispute on Rosemary Lane, also Kingston.

Reports from the Central police are that about 6:30 am, Smith was allegedly picking ackees on the rooftop of a house on Rosemary Lane, when the owners — two brothers — reportedly went on to the roof.

An argument reportedly developed between the brothers and Smith.

During the dispute a knife was used to stab Smith, who subsequently jumped from the roof to escape further injuries.

He was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he died while being treated.
One man has since been charged in connection with the incident and is awaiting the next court date. The police say his identity cannot be released at this time.

11 thoughts on “ACKEE THIEF KILLED

  1. Did they really have to kill him, all they had to do is get the man off of their roof and in the process the other brother call the police, so they can charge him for trespassing but to stab him for taking Ackee off of a tree that seems to me to be a big tree since the man was caught on their roof… These and other senseless crimes must stop…

    1. Sometime is not the act of stealing the ackee that cause the stabbing, but the teif might want act like he is a badman and have nuff chat.

      Last week a ackee teif stab the home owner to death after he confront him on his property. So you have to be careful with these ackee teif or you the owner might end up dead.

  2. Ppl tek dem ackee tree serious a yawd. Wah yuh know bout hungry… but a food still and it might just escalate an him neva affi dead ova no ackee but… Why ppl affi see ppl tings an tek it knock pan dem gate nuh an ask see if dem woulda did give yuh, some will share an if not yuh move a di next yawd

  3. For it to reach to the point of death means it must’ve been something going on from before. I wish death wasn’t the final outcome but people need to learn to respect other people’s space and stop with this rogue mentaility that’s very common place in Jamaica, where people feel entitled to other people’s things and feel like they can take without consent. This man didn’t get stabbed over ackee, he got stabbed for stealing… We tend to lose sight of the actual meaning behind things when oversimplify the root cause.

  4. Since times hard and nuff ppl hungry all they had to was give him 6-12 pod of the ackees, that is enough for a meal. Give him a warning not to enter the property without an invitation and keep it moving. Man dead ova dis foolishness and you haffi siddung inna JA stinking prison over dis ackee theft killing of all things. Put a value pon unno life man. There is a difference with stealing chu hunger and stealing for resale, dis never call fi reach to no death issue, a simple reasoning could have fixed this issue peacefully.

    If unno stealing ppl things and dem ketch you apologize, no cuss or gwan pon di most cause is you trespassing and stealing. If you hungry tell dem is hungry you hungry, most humans are wired to help another if hungry and thirsty reach dem and they in a bad way.

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