Give Kartel 50 years — Adams
Former tough cop urges harsh penalty for convicted entertainer

BY KARYL WALKER Editor — Crime/Court Desk [email protected]

Thursday, March 20, 2014 52 Comments

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ADAMS… the jurors have done the country a favour

FORMER glamour cop Reneto Adams is advocating that convicted entertainer Vybz Kartel be locked up for no fewer than 50 years.

Adams, who expressed delight at the guilty verdict against Vybz Kartel for murder last week, said he bore no grudge against the artiste in particular, but said the country had been done a favour by the panel of jurors.

“I have been one of the voices crying out in the wilderness for criminals to be found guilty and locked up for no less than 50 years for heinous crimes.

The Jamaican people have suffered for far too long,” Adams told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, along with Shawn ‘Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones, and André St John were all found guilty by an 11-member jury that voted 10:1 for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, who police say was killed at a house owned by Vybz Kartel on Swallowfield Avenue in Havendale, St Andrew, in August 2011.

Shane Williams was acquitted by the jury, but was subsequently slapped with another murder charge by police. “It is not just Kartel, but all criminal elements.

There have been certain judgements in recent times that give us hope. ‘Zeeks’, ‘Dudus’, ‘Dog Paw’, ‘Andem’ are all in prison,” he said in reference to former gang leaders Donald Phipps, Christopher Coke, Christopher Linton, and Joel Andem.

“I am very elated,” Adams remarked. During the trial of Vybz Kartel, defence lawyers pointed to evidence tampering and sloppy investigative work by some police officers and labelled the police force as corrupt.

Yesterday, Adams said that he was not pleased with some aspects of the claims, which he argued painted the police in a bad light. “I would describe it as horrendous the way certain exhibits and evidence were handled.

There can be no excuse for that type of thing when there are certain guidelines and rules relating to handling evidence and exhibits; some of which I helped to formulate. It is not pleasing at all,” he said. Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused be sentenced by Justice Lennox Campbell next Thursday.

Under Jamaican law they will have to serve at least 15 years before being eligible for parole, but will have to await Justice Campbell’s sentence to know how many years they will be locked up in a maximum security penal facility before a parole board decides that they are no longer a menace to society.

0 thoughts on “ADAMS SEH GI HIM 50 YEARS

  1. & Adams need 150

    Kmt some ppl nuh fi talk when it come on to this particular case
    Because they are no damn better.

  2. Kartel and co should be happy it was bigga ford and not adams who went to arrest them that day. Big up yourself Mr Adams, a you say eliminate all criminals.

    1. Bigga Ford should be dismissed from the force and his pension reduced for his irresponsible conduct during the Kartel murder case. In one of the biggest murder case in Jamaica history and big (no pun) Sr. Superintendent Bigga Ford lose him notebook. In any other jurisdiction committed to progress, he would have been sanctioned – suspended, demoted investigated or fired.

      1. Kunta :ngakak oh God no pension should be reduced him deh a road long time dat amount a years ina di field worth something…he is the last man standing outa him , laing, n trinity….him nuh suh bad

        1. Yu know Met, yuh right bout de pension pawt. And overall, him heart usually inna de right place suh him can kip de penshan. However, there is no excuse fi lose a notebook that had anyting fi duh wid a groundbreaking case like dis.

          You know, if a US him wudda affi eeda retire or him a get sanction. Him lucky prosecutor win de case.

  3. Anxiously awaiting the sentencing but between me and you metty word on the street is that Shane Williams is the worst of the bunch…

          1. yes but dem still belong Leng and ratty…ratty had the name leng den ratty and den dem mi have a pic wid dem like dem ina meeting mi nuh know whey dem did a arrange

          2. Met even kartel himself was afraid of mad dog, him even did a song with him it’s on YouTube.

        1. Met, Shane Williams gave the best unsworn testimony in court. He completely distanced himself from the scene of the crime or any knowledge of it. Whether or not he was involved, he’s the only one that didn’t incriminate himself with his testimony and I would have acquitted him also.
          Ina every one a Kartel bad man song dem him call ratty name like a big fool. Him bait up himself and everyone else wid him mouth and a him mouth sink him.

  4. Stinking mout Adams u fi get 250 yrs fi di 9 likkle boy dem when u kill a portmore ole shit house this a pot a cuss kettle only say Adams a gas stove pot n Kartel a wood fire kettle cho kmft

      1. Really I knew it to be the Braeton 9 n it wasn’t Adams squad which carried out the raid ??? n even so r u implying that Adams don’t kill many innocent? N further more killing all these criminals has made him a bigger murderer than them

    1. It was seven the anniversary for seven inna one recently gone march 12 to be exact a Breaton me com from 12/13 years now it happen an it wasn’t Adams but a did fi him squad dweet an him was the bigger heads fi the squad and trust me they not innocent before the killing tek plac them rob a teacher man from Breaton primary school.

  5. Dem fe lock him up fe nuisance behaviour him seems to dont know when is joking time from serious time ole idiot


  7. adam full a shit.. he shouldn’t be saying kartel should get fifty years, because all those police that kill innocent people in ja. why they never get charge and go infront of a juror. I never see a set of evil police in my life like those in Jamaica.. no police should make any comments about kartel murder case becus them too are murder..

  8. I have been tru the system in jamacia and trust me I dont wish prison on not even my enemy it rough in there esp remand center I dont trust none a dem police weh deh a jamacia so adams fi shut the f**k up cause everybody know adams kill nuff innocent people. All I can do is pray for jamacia police and badman a do di same shit

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