Metty beg u readers knock up Dovey bredda, Aidonia neighbor. Shi in hospital.
BTW I don’t know if its true or not but there’s a high probability the artiste won’t see the message.


  1. Dovey guh ah round robin tuesday night ah drink ana hump sound system and now she inna hospital??…drinking n’ driving or somebody laid hands on her..again??? :bingung

      1. Metty, if yuh eva siding ah watch Dovey drink, you yuhself woulda get drunk just from watching her drink..drink and turn all kinds ah idiot lol…

          1. Metty, mi jus guh faas pan ar Facebook page where she post up seh ah arthritis dem find inna ar chest…gal chain smoke ah drink like crazy..

  2. :ngakak :ngakak
    Smaddy ping, ding, ring up him up deh sista may need blood tell him up and ready pon di hospital scene sista up deh nd need a visit

      1. Right now she need Adionna fi mek di link fi har it’s a CELEBRITY ting, man can wait no dovey too gud to be true yah man
        (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Dovey yu too wicked man…yu do everything fi try be seen…mi say attention just a beat yu bad so..WAP WAP WAP hold dem yah.. Lol

  4. Dovey Magnumm Harrison
    4 hrs ·
    Thanks for all the love yall I’m feeling a bit better thank God…
    But Can you believe they Said I got arthritis in my chest
    Fuss me a hear that but it’s a big long name AKA arthritis smh
    Thanks again I was really surprised of some ppl that inbox me and check if I was OK and to be honest I felt their honesty and love thanks
    Have a bless day my loves …
    See More
    — at Rockdale Medical Center.

    1. Dovey, chill offa di heavy drinking, smoking n’ clubbing…Rheumatoid Arthritis can lead tuh heart attacks, strokes and even death *if not managed properly*…you gots tuh slow down ma..take that as an early warning sign…sad bad!! :cd

  5. The girl deh oan, the computer all xah yesterday a go oboe and. Pose pic and then late last night she a ball, say she in hospital. Me nuh know. And a who did beat her before.

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