V. Stiviano, who recorded the now-infamous conversation with Donald Sterling that caught the disgraced NBA owner making disparaging remarks about African Americans, might have to defend her own racist comments.
TMZ has aired yet another recording — this one video of Stiviano making derogatory comments about African-Americans.
Among her remarks:
“I don’t understand black people. You give them a little bit of money, they don’t know what to do with it.”
“[Black people] just act crazy… they’re like, ‘Yo, I wanna put extra (car) rims on top of my rims. And my rims are gonna turn around. I’m gonna call them spinners.’”
Stiviano referred a request for comment by USA TODAY Sports to her attorneys, who could not be reached.
“No direct comment. Have a beautiful day,” she said.
TMZ, the gossip site, reported the tape was footage for a 2011 reality show pilot about “gold diggers.”
Model who uses the name V. Stiviano walks outside her home in Los Angeles. Photo via Jonathan Alcorn/ReutersShare this image:
Model who uses the name V. Stiviano walks outside her home in Los Angeles. Photo via Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters
Stiviano, who is black and Mexican, was aware of being recorded, speaking directly into the camera.
The footage comes to light five weeks after TMZ aired the audio recording of Sterling’s racist rant during which Stiviano chided the NBA owner for his remarks.
Stiviano later defended Sterling, attributing his comments to his having grown up during a time when blacks and whites were segregated.
“Through his actions, he’s shown to be a very generous and kind man,” she said during an interview with Barbara Walters.
It was Stiviano’s posting photos of herself with Magic Johnson and other African Americans that drew Sterling’s wrath during the recorded conversation.
In a lawsuit against the NBA filed Friday, Sterling said his rant was triggered by Stiviano saying she was going to bring “four gorgeous guys” to a Clippers game.
V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling controversy, was assaulted by two men in New York City Sunday, her lawyer told ABC News. But at this point no police reports have been filed – and officers did not respond to any incidents involving Stiviano, NYPD officials said.
News of the incident was first reported by RadarOnline. The situation happened at about 7 p.m. near the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan, said Mac Nehoray, Stiviano’s lawyer.
Following the incident, Stiviano was examined by a doctor and found to be “banged up but OK,” Nehoray said.
New York City police don’t expect any charges to emerge.
“As of now this has no legs,” NYPD officials said.
Stiviano, 31, entered the public spotlight in March, after recordings between her and Sterling emerged online featuring the since-ousted Los Angeles Clippers owner’s racist rants.


  1. So Vincent was “brutally” attacked by two men but refused to press charges? Ummm, sound suspect to me. This b!tch is looking for public sympathy. :hoax2
    Good morning met and Metters !

  2. She lost all credibility from mi wen she come pon Dr Phil and seh she neva have any sexual relations of any kind from Sterling.He is just a friendly boss, nothing more nothing less.Anything she get mi nuh feel sorry fi har

  3. Good afternoon everyone, it is such a shame, that despite being the most powerful sex of the two, women will forever go on in history as being mans down fall….The Delilahs of the world and for the most part it really isn’t often the case, but these sinister one seems to get the most recognition and attention making it seem that way. That Donald Sterling is a racist is a given, and that will never change with him or any of his seed to which he has drilled his hatred, but this wretch I believe is the most offensive of the whole situation! Be done with her already, is really wha she fah

    1. Hey Obara…she pass offensive. She need fi a wear de visor more often now fi deflect de bax dem a wait pon har…lol

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