1. Mi just waa burgs sometimes mi waa revealed mi name so that you can know is who me- but tru mi live wid mi husband– burgs i love love love you! My first name begins with the letter S try figure it out– sometimes mi picture me and you making love and it’s like fire

  2. Tracy ann Mctagavish. You no see di man no count you like always. If you were capable of being his nurse he wouldn’t have written this status. All now him doe even acknowledge ur comment But him surely take up di next Tracy offer.lmao.
    It is sad you breed how ,uch time fi this man and him still act like ur his mom and scared to tell u di truth. Ur not my type. Btw, It look like Glamma leff you this time Burgs, is that why Tracey ah beg fi be ur nurse cause har competition gone like di wind and she no usefull no more?

  3. Glama, still a dead ova Burgs. Him nuh see she edda. Him cudda guh live a house wid Keisha but him nuh dat interested. The light skin nuh frighten him. Him love dark skin girls. Tracy-Ann look like a man wid har f**k up looking wigs n cheap clothes but a she him love cuz she put up wi all a him f**kery but him look pop dung fi real.

  4. Who evea see Burgs Baby madda Tracy-Ann inna real life???!!! Di gal UGLY u f**k!!! No shape. Har legs dem look like two black sticks.

  5. Burgs baby madda Tracey-Ann UGLY. Wid har cheap clothes n plastic wigs. I guest him start look like har now, lol.

  6. you notice how she no look good and Burgs Cah leff har? Burgs love him life. All the sling him ah sling dat Buddy him better go home evrynight. Trcey wi buck out him senses and beat that ass. Burgs tyaad fi get betting like a biotch. Juss chu him love freeness him get catch ina har trap and now he scared for his

    the only reason why Tracey no beat Glama yet is because she know they will call the Police pan har. So all you see Glama ah gwan bad and bold, thank God for thre PoPo.

  7. @Willie, i swear u need a beaten, but u rite..3 RNs(assuming that is) one time, how him lucky suh?? DI PIC DONT EVEN FAVA DI BURGS WHA ME KNOW, BUT HIM OBVIOUSLY STILL GOT DI GAL DEM SUGA DUNG A PHILLI LIKE THAT..Burgs u luk mash up rostoh..

        1. Are. U sure she is not an LPN like everyone nowadays. Boy Tracey mi cah believe u finally know di meaning of locking ur leggs. U a do road from u around 9 .it sad to say every man u choose only use u. I guess ur last baby fada AJAh meck u Dunn wid man. Proud u find di lord and start focus pan u papers. Mi still a wonda meck u a Cash from NY no so thick no more? ??

  8. A nuh every man frighten fi brown & pretty as some frighten friday gwaan over little colour & shape thank Gawd mi shape & look good. nuff ugly black gal know how fi love & care fi a man & dem nuh fukky fukky so dem sumn tight & disease free so lowe di gal lmaoooo gwaan chu yaah burgs mi fb fren #disblackman

  9. @HeHaw…..u see di post or yuh just a go offa di screen shot? Cause the “Tracy-Ann” he answered was in fact the woman he lives with. If yuh did click the name you would have seen that. And she responded by saying “Ok boo”. Yuh know as much as unu say Burgs nuh want Tracey…..mi never see him diss har on Social Media yet. Smh. Unu a compare Tracey to Burgs an a mek it seem like Burgs better dan deh wid Tracey. Fi all we know, as much as him good looking him probably have a million and one faults. Him mout goodly stink. Him foot goodly cheesy. Him goodly corny as hell ina real life. Him arm goodly green. So unu leave Tracey cause as far as me see Burgs not leaving her and mi sure she not holding gun to him head to mek him stay. Nuff frighten gyal outta road will gladly tek him up and tek care a him so mi sure is not because him nuh have nowhere to go. Cause Burgs stale to mi. Kmt

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