Met look at this madness. This person is a felon (fellanne) and would like to sponsor an illegal alien for a green card. They can’t spell properly, I hope the illegal alien could.


11 thoughts on “AH FEEL IT

  1. Lawyers gonna love you girl. Dem gwine empty yu Channel purse like wata bakkle. Da pikchur dere juss coss yu 500$…

  2. No bitch… yes u the Amarcian born as fellanne, u can’t even get foodstam much less marrie somebody fi get greencard…..one thing I’m sure u can get though is your damn GED …

    1. :hammer

      Processing this hoe papers is a waste of precious time, labour, ink paper, laminate and data space.

      See this the dunces that immigration the world over use to lock out.

      Me can tell you for certain Jamaica would have denied her ass if it was dem she a look fi petition. Education is a key to life.

  3. I’m sure that the felon (fellanne)can sponsor his/her spouse greencard. It is his/her legal right to marry and have a spouse. I do however believe there are some stipulations. If the felon has ever been convicted of rape or battery…then I believe it makes it a little bit harder but not quiet impossible.

    It is not the American citizen who happens to be a felon that is seeking a greencard, so therefore as long as the marriage is legal and of moral ethics then his/her spouse could be granted a resident card.

    As for the spelling…unno better mek someone else fill out the forms cause this new language immigration nuh up to date with it yet.

    1. Something have fi top up that level a spelling and it must be love! Me certain dem chat same way. Imagine the interview :ngakak :ngakak

  4. By the person’s name, they seem to be Hispanic, which would make English their second language. I don’t think that’s so hard to decipher here.

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