Aids been walking through debbie family ,her brother baby mom died few months ago from aids her name is *********, one of her neice whom im not sure but knowing debbie style they say was hooked up with a white man from abroad and over a period of time he was visiting back and forth from jamaica booking in hotels with the after his last visit few months ago .met low and behold i hear that after the white man fly back abroad he call debbie neice to tell her he is hiv positive for many yrs and she must have it dem say debbie neice gone in hiding over 3mths now ..dem noh kno where debbie and her sister hiding her..met thing is debbie let her dunce families and children’s thinks the only way out is to sleep with white man for money and bleach..thats the sad legacy she’s passed on to her families and they lapped it up..
Met dem say when the girl get the call from the whiteman she get panic an run go tell her friends and yuh kno inna ghetto a spread that spread then she dissapear debbie a tell pple she fly out to save face well as she can fly her out to fe guawn hustle a small island fe tek d gual money mine man ankeep up appearance

0 thoughts on “AIDS DI SENDER SEH AIDS

  1. mi know a which Debbie hey and the young boy love likes and all rolling in the Bimmer hey!!!!!!!! the stars will be shining yes my five stars, is that Debbie. Thank you Lord mi nah grudge nuh gyal or boy fi dem thinks. Sleeping wid dog fi fame Debbie Met?

  2. MS. Met a wah, heyyyyyyyyy lol on a serious note mi sey this again half of dancehall is an illusion bruck hype and a dead fi hungry.

  3. Debbie an har sister lovet sleep wid d dame set of black an white man dem ova d yrs so i wouldnt be surprise if is one of those whiteman dem hook up shantel pon

  4. But for many yrs the whitemen them been doing that stull an dis dumb gual lead her neice sister and childrens in the samevtrap sake a fe hype in.dancehall an impress lunatick lile harself

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