so alain is almost 40 tidey a d birthday an she still a use har tiyad out ole p**y a try mash up people maried life. how much year shane a f**k har now an still cyan do nottin fi har dead out career. ting she was goin to be the nex star? shane have any hit? dat helo was a disasta an erry year im force har pon tarus tour dem fi b im personal road mattras and tarus nuh happy. alain need fi go look back a bank werk quik. now d fat intense one talia she haf fi hold har corner dem time an satisfy wit phone call when im a lie dung wit alain a suck im d*ck lmao and chupid she a tell all har fren dem sey shane a d one like she nuh know sey shane f**k errybody and nah lef im wife a bludclaat. shane wife mus deaf and blind


  1. Shane is a man-whore, a habitual adulterer & I wish these women would see him for what he is & avoid him like the plague. Shane’s not going to do a thing for any woman’s career, all now Timika Marsha the singer from Guyana cyah buss & she spent a while singing on his mic in more ways than one. kmt. Women unuh fi run him like dawg.

  2. Truth is I won’t defend her on her vaginal habits or how red she running it.I refuse to buy into any notion that Alaine nuh buss yet…that’s borderlining on being a wicked lie n Disingenous.

    This summer alone she had a massive hit song called “heart of a Champion” that was utilized in the Olympics!Sacrifice,ordinary love,her hit with Taurus,another hit with Beenie…could go on n on.Cmon why the Bias?Why not run in pon Tifa n all the shyt she did (esp to Mumma Saw/john john)and all now her twist up foot n music life caaant straighten out!!

      1. Wrappie I missed u like a lot… up to day b4 mi mind run pon u.Gwaan do ur thing Sista,we deh ya a hold the faith n forth fi yuh.Big up Anon cuz that song very inspirational n nuff nuff ppl love it go youtube it n see fi urself!

    1. @Yardie you’re right. And a lot of persons forget that Alaine writes and a lot of songs she’s written is out there!

      She can do what she want, she is more than a big woman. I’m only disappointed inna di likkle crow bait she a gi it to, cause dem man deh a every woman man! And will diss woman at the drop of a hat!

  3. shane is bisexual thats why mi caan trust jamaican men….

    i don’t even trust my man thats why mi ever use condom and if him every say him want try the rear it done…mi all a put him pon pinkwall so other women fi beware….

  4. yea, Alaine has beautiful music. That song that she did in memory of the Tivoli Incursion was really well written and touching. The first song I heard from her was Ordinary Love and I’ve been a fan ever since. Songs like Sacrifice, Rise in Love, Heart of a Champion, You are Me, dem shot. Was very disappointed when she got involved with Chino cause I thought that she could have done better. Better she did stick with Don Corleone.

  5. For those who don’t know music alaine never buss she’s a popular artiste there’s a difference between buss and been popular

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