Met how Alkaline diss beenie man so. I didn’t believe what Beenie Man said about Alkaline at the stage show. I don’t think Alkaline would be that bright to say he’s not performing for the dutty people dem in dutty jamaica.


  1. Alkaline came to England and his show got cancelled and he was asked to jus meet with his fans and he said he dnt like seeing people and he never meet up with them. I believe he said it. Y wud u be touring an doing shows around the world except the place you from, him think him better than us Jamaican u dnt hear him say only kylie would fit him

  2. Beenie man is a big fish and mixup. Beenie u old time to retire.

    Weh beenie find time inna him performance fi talk bout Alkaline ? Beenie just vex seh Alkaline nah perform a Jamaica suh him can run up pon stage and seh ” vendetta mi seh ” . Neva see a man mix up suh.

    The time beenie a complain seh Alkaline nah perform y him Neva bring up an old artiste mek dem sing a song .

    1. Any artist a get a forward him pick war wid dem. Only kartel him lef coz him know him aa badman. So nuff. If the man nah perform wtf dat haffi do wid you Beenie Gyal

  3. Alkaline seh dat bout every artist him name get call up wid!

    My thing though is regardless a Alkaline dutty behaviour (dat a between him and him fans dem), why dem artist yah a run down di bwoy/gal and a call up fi him name! If you a artist and a do your thing you nuh hav nuh time a pree nobody else! If some a dem nah run down mix up we nuh see dem!

  4. ALKALINE cant perform in Jamaica, he’s a STUDIO ARTIST dem would stone him…he has NO STAGE PRESENCE, whack …Beenie you are a veteran, you cannot be replaced. Stop inna arguement with irrelevant people. Alkaline don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You change color and your attitude changed too…Humble yourself my youth.

  5. Alkaline has a track record of LYING, who u gonna believe?? Plus actions speak louder than words, when last him prrform a yard?? All Dream Live concert a come up him fans woulda love fi see him. Him fraid a ppl and fool fool kmt.

  6. F**k alkaline, when alkaline can pull even 1000 inna club or even a stadium the he can be regarded as an artist, beenie is a column in dancehall n his history can’t be erased

  7. Well I stream Alkaline’s music but I believe what Beenie says is the truth. After all I have never seen Alkaline perform in Jamaica .

  8. Yo why people give Alkaline trouble ? Mi bbc star, for his age he is straight winning !!! Unno to f**king badmind and its probably why he made that comment in the first place. You can tell him tired of the fakes in the industry. Unno mad seh di youth on top this year?!!!

  9. Doh stop beat De pussy dem alkaline. Detta say love, Detta say loyaltie. Beenie gal out a date like expired milk. Level no level no!

  10. Alkaline fraid a JA. When him out ya him lock up inna hidden locations. Him a diss a bag a man inna song and a hide from the streets cause him nuh wan di real bad man dem confront him. A bare circus clown him have round him wha a tough up dem face inna video. Him have 2 so called bad man wha him big up inna him song dem, one was a promoter and one was a dancer. Dem nuh know ntn bout badness apart from wha dem see inna movie. Alka fraid a the real streets. Him smart still, him a keep the badness inside the studio cause him nuh wan dead. Memba when Tommy Lee mek him curl up inna di plane lol

  11. All a unnu wha a talk bout Beenie man love mix up can duck off a bridge! Beenie a veteran and say what di duck him wah fi say bout anybody! you ever hear Beenie a dis Beres or other veteran? a dem young artiste ya wah just a come up inna di business and don’t have to stage present need fi listen.

  12. How alkaline fi proform a Jamaica when no one is not booking him for any shows out here that make any senses to uno kmt beanie man to f**king nuff leave the youth alone

  13. @ naw travel regular. You feget say him did wha style bob marley and try beg back friend pon the reggae cruise.a time fe dat senior citizens fe go siddung and gwan collect him pension. A De juvenile dem time now.

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