Leon Gazayouth Yuh know seh di more we talk about this dude, the bigger him get. Mi know its all funny n thing n a KARTEL str8 we seh. But mek we stop waste we time pan ALKALINE n focus pan the BOSS thing tomorrow, coz we wah some protesters eno…coz we cah sit dwn n watch society tek dung di youth just suh.
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  1. Why dem a tek set pon do lil boy, a him sen kartel a jail. Boy Jamaican ppl a worse set a ppl mi a tell yuh. Y’all think kartel would’ve been making music till him a 50? Life is a cycle, somebody younger better hotter would a come along and move up kartel, don’t u think? Gosh, leave him alone now man. I hope him learn from kartel mistake.

  2. But unu sit down an let di government f*uck unnu back way, side way , front way, every kind a way an unnuno protest! And please leave di baby chimp alone because dem more civilize dan unnu.

  3. What does it take to awaken a sleeping people? If the future depends on the youths and the youths so freaking lost and protest all the wrong things, what hope is there for the future? Even here in the US, it’s usually only the white kids you see protesting the Keystone Pipeline, Fracking, an invasion, NDAA etc. Black people have no cause bigger than self. When these very youths start concerning themselves with issues that matter, then Jamaica will realize change.

    Witness the compassion the chimps have among each other and realize these entertainers are sub-chimp.

  4. Met, wat a way yu know how fe mek mi exercise mi facial muscles dem eeh ?? DWL. A which comedy club yu belong to Mums ? Lawd Geezas, mi weak, and cyan done laff.

  5. I hope he doesn’t have a daughter because if he does, that pic is not funny and out of order. Kids are OFF limit!

  6. Alkaline gwan do u thing mi artist don’t kno u like that but u music dem badddd nuh bloodclot, UNU wah di man & everybody else a ja stop dem life fi protest fi kartel when police batter & mistreat the people when some a di unruley people dem start act out who ago pay fi fi dem situations….. Real tawk I hope he is not innocent & gonna be doing time fi something weh him don’t do but if he did he should pay the penalty torture a human being to death is only a real vampire can have dem heart deh but leave the dj alone mek him prosper vybze his his field a fame now a alkaline time & it was another dj having the spot light before vybze so UNU low the dj every dog ave dem day… So low di dj mek him shine bright like a diamond….geeze I’m just saying Y 8TING

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